Resilient and Stylish Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are especially made from the metal titanium. Titanium rings are commonly made along with other materials such as aluminium and vanadium, but authentic titanium rings are 99.2% purer titanium in composition. Titanium rings are very popular for men because titanium tings for men are very masculine as compared to using gold or white gold. Titanium rings can also be made along with other gems such as diamonds for tradition titanium rings for women.

Titanium rings are considered modern jewelries because they were only widely available during the 90s and titanium rings were not only used for fashion purposes, but other couples already had titanium wedding rings. A titanium ring is considered unique because titanium rings are hypoallergenic, resistant to corrosion, lightweight and durable. So if you want your ring to stand the test of time best, then you may consider having titanium rings. Here are some of most resilient titanium rings that you can have.

Single Diamond Titanium Rings

Titanium rings may be plain, but having a diamond on the center makes it more elegant. Titanium rings with diamonds are best for wedding rings for men and women.

Titanium Ring

These simple, yet elegant titanium wedding rings are one of the best sellers when it comes to titanium. Couples love the matching design plus the simplicity of the ring making it suited to be worn every day.

Titanium Wedding Ring

Plain Titanium Rings

If you just want the luster of titanium, you might as well get plain titanium rings. These wedding rings truly symbolize the bond you have with your partner and it’s even cheaper than other rings.

Titanium rings

Titanium Druzy Rings

Titanium may also be used as a coating for crystals in conventional rings. At a distance, the titanium druzy reflects light very well achieving a look that you have thousands of micro paved diamonds in your ring.

Titanium Druzy Ring

Embossed Titanium Rings

Titanium are very easy to emboss so most designs are also embossed over the ring. This match casual or everyday attire.

Titanium ring for women

Twisted Titanium Ring

Since titanium is very resilient to corrosion ad very durable, the designs that you can make with titanium rings are endless. This twisted titanium ring is a reinvention of the plain titanium ring.

Twisted Titanium Ring

Rosewood and Titanium Rings

Aside from other metals such as aluminum and vanadium, titanium can also be matched with rosewood for a vintage look. This rosewood and titanium ring is great for young individuals who seek style.

Rosewood and Titanium Ring

Colored Titanium Rings

You can also add colors to embossed designs by way of painting. This ring is a fun way to use titanium rings during casual events.

Colored Titanium Ring

Black titanium rings are very popular among rock icons because of the black color. Black titanium rings are very edgy and astound.

Black Titanium Ring

Another black titanium design is this glossy black finish for a more striking look.

Black titanium rings

Titanium rings are very trendy, yet less expensive than other rings made from more precious metals. If you are considering your budget in getting your wedding ring, but still want a stylish design, check out your local jewelry store for titanium rings.