Splendid Aquamarine Rings for Women

Aquamarine rings are unique ring designs that add color to your regular jewelry. They are one of the colored jewelries that you can have if you want to add highlights to your fingers instead of having conventional colorless stones. Aquamarine stones are very stylish and chic. Just like other rings, aquamarines are manufactured in different designs such as aquamarine solitaire ring and others.

A halo aquamarine ring surrounded with beautiful diamonds. The aquamarine color is very stunning when the ring is worn.

Aquamarine rings

Aquamarine jewelry has also been seen among celebrities wearing them in prestigious events making aquamarine rings one of the top jewelries that you need to have. Some of the celebrities wearing aquamarine rings include:

Kristine ps4 remote play Elezaj poses at 52nd Annual Grammy Award  with her Aquamarine cocktail ring. The ring actually added highlights to the black wardrobe making the aquamarine color stand out. Aquamarine rings actually complement attires in black and white.

Kristine Elezaj Aquamarine Ring

Jill Zarin, the former Real Housewife of New York City star poses with her $19k ring from Elizabeth Taylor Auction. The aquamarine ring was apparently bought for her by her husband.

Aquamarine rings for women

Aquamarine rings also complements blue make-up. Use your aquamarine ring with a light blue eyeshadow to intensify the attraction.

aquamarine ring

Colbie Smulders wears her emerald cut aquamarine right hand diamond ring with a stunning turquoise Alberta Ferrenti dress and blue smoldering eyes.

Colbie Smulders Aquamarine Ring

Princes Diana also has an aquamarine ring with diamonds. This jewelry she wore in a formal event was one of her collections of aquamarine rings with diamonds.

Princess diana aquamarine ring

During the Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party and fundraiser, actress Sadie Alexandru wears her brilliant Omi Gem’s aquamarine and diamond ring. Well that’s a big gem for a big price.

Sadie Alexandru

Katy Perry won’t be left behind with her equally stunning aquamarine ring she wears on her right index finger.

Katy Perry Aquamarine ring

Penelope Cruz also wears her Aquamarine and Topaz ring during a formal event. If you want to dazzle like Penelope, get a halo aquamarine ring surrounded with brilliant diamonds.

Penelope Cruz Aquamarine ring

Kate Hudson was seen wearing one of the largest aquamarine stones in Hollywood. Kate Hudson teamed up with friend Laurie Lynn Stark (aka Chrome Hearts Jewellery) for a jewellery collaboration called CH+KH. They offer wide range of jewelries including this aquamarine cocktail ring for women.

Kate Hudson Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine rings for women are certainly stunning and very attractive. Pair your dress with this colored jewelry to add highlights. These rings are certainly expensive, but you wont be surprised getting them at a lower price in your local jewelry shops.