Eye catchy turquoise necklace

Have you ever wondered why so many women love to wear turquoise necklace? Though it has certain qualities as a pure gemstone, which is believed my some of the people, yet the other reason for wearing this turquoise necklace is because it looks so attractive and bright, that it looks eye catchy and many people will just envy looking at the beauty of color and the stone.

stunning turquoise necklace

This turquoise is available in not only necklaces, but also in form of pendants, rings, ear rings, bracelets, head chains etc. big stones are more catchy than small ones and it’ll match with many color clothes.

cute turquoise necklace

Wearing a turquoise gemstone will keep away from dark spirits and will happy and a joyous feeling bringing out of depression, though there are no proof to it, yet this was believed by ancient Egyptians. The turquoise necklace is available is colors from pale blue to deep sky blue, and the good high quality stones are of sky blue color.


Wearing turquoise stones for a long time may fade the color to a certain extent and when you are planning to take sun bath for a turquoise chain

long time, its better to keep the turquoise away from light, constant exposure to light many also fade the color. It’s recommended to clean it with soft cloth after use, without use of chemicals.

thick turquoise necklace

There are so many women, who fall in love with turquoise necklaces, and celebrities are of no exception, there are many celebrities who were spotted wearing turquoise blue necklace for many important occasions and as casual wear too.

turquoise necklace

Hillary Clinton was found wearing single string of blue turquoise necklace matched with a turquoise stud that looks absolutely elegant matching her over coat.

Hillary Clinton Turquoise necklace

Eva Mendes was spotted with the turquoise necklace for her strapless white dress during the golden globe awards in the year 2009.

eva turquoise necklace

Cameron Diaz was seen wearing a large necklace studded with minute turquoise stones with a matching turquoise ear dangling for her strapless pink silky dress, pink and blue is a good combination isn’t it?

Cameron Diaz large turquoise neckalce

Scarlet Johansson was found wearing a huge multi string turquoise necklace with metal butterflies in between, with a casual wearing. The necklace is made of turquoise beads of various sizes formed into a lengthy chain.

Scarlet Multiple size turquoise chain

Beyonce was found wearing the same pattern of turquoise necklace as Heidi Klum, just that Beyonce had turned it the other way round.


beyonce turquoise necklace