Knuckle Rings to Make and Add to Your Spring Outfits

Aside from a cute spring outfit, I’m pretty sure that you’ve been looking for the perfect accessories for this season as well. When it comes to accessories this spring, there are so much to watch out for. One of the hottest trend you can expect to see a lot of this spring are knuckle rings. Knuckle rings, which are also sometimes called other names like midi rings, mid rings and memory rings, make perfect spring accessories because they’re versatile, dainty and easy to wear plus they’re super easy to mix and match with your outfits as well. Here are some ideas for cute knuckle rings to add to your spring outfits to complete your whole look.

  • Plain multi bands – plain knuckle rings are really easy to make and they’re perfect if you’re looking for something to add to your outfit that won’t take the attention away from your clothes. To make plain knuckle ring bands more interesting, you can stack them up and wear them on multiple fingers. You can also wear an assortment of metals when choosing plain multiband knuckle rings. Gold, silver and rose gold knuckle rings always make a pretty three-toned combination that lets you play with all the other accessories you’re wearing.

multiple multiple rings

  • Bow knuckle ring – bows are always a hit to us girls, whether it’s on clothes, accessories or on jewelry. If you’re looking for a knuckle ring design to make that would add a hint of feminine sophistication to your overall look, why not make a bow knuckle ring? It’s going to take quite the effort to manipulate, bend and loop your wire but it sure is going to give your look a softer, more girly vibe.


bow ring

  • Chain connected knuckle rings – looking for a knuckle ring that would go well with your boho / gypsy inspired outfit this spring? Just take two plain band knuckle rings and hook them up with a chain (the dainty ones you’d usually use for necklaces, that is) and you’ve got yourself the perfect boho jewelry to complement your look. You can hook them up side by side to use on two fingers or you can also connect them from bottom to top to use on a single finger.

chained rings chained

  • Chevron knuckle rings – so we all know chevron is going to be a big hit this season so why not take yout chevron game up a notch and wear it on your fingers as well? Chevron knuckle rings are quite easy to make. Unlike the other knuckle ring designs, this one requires very little wire bending. All you really need to do is form a V on each ring to get the chevron pattern look.

chevron ring chevron

  • Letter knuckle rings – this is perhaps the most difficult to make out of all the DIY knuckle rings because you would have to loop and bend the wire to form the letters on top of your knuckle ring band / base. If you’re really crafty and you have lots of patience, though, you can take your DIY knuckle ring to a whole other level by forming words instead of just single letters or initials on your knuckle rings.

wire letters wire letter rings