Must Have Accessories for Coachella

Coachella, one of the coolest music festivals with the most stylish crowd around, is just a few days away. If you’re planning on going to this year’s Coachella Valley music fest, we hope you’ve already read our tips on what to wear to the event. In case you haven’t already, though, you can click HERE and check it out. Now, if you already have seen that previous post, you might think we’ve forgotten about accessories. Of course we haven’t! We just saved it for a different post so you can have a good glimpse of what the must have accessories for Coachella are. Read on and check them out.

  • Sunglasses – the Coachella music festival is an all day event that starts out quite early while the sun is still shining bright and beaming down on all of the land. Unless you want to be squinting your way through the day, you should definitely carry around a pair of sunglasses, especially if your favorite band if performing in the morning.

sunglasses outfit sunglasses

  • A hat – again, it’s going to be a really hot experience during the mornings so a hat is a must if you don’t want to be toasting all of your hairs off. A baseball hat, a fedora, a wide brimmed hat – whatever kind of hat goes well with most of the clothes you’ve packed would do.

hat outfit


  • A flower wreath / headband – if you don’t mind the heat, though, a flower headband would be really nice. Since the whole festival has a Boho-rock-modern-hippie-pop vibe, a flower headband would sure look great, especially if you’re taking our advice on what to wear to Coachella.

headband hair headband

  • A sling purse – there will be tons and tons of people at Coachella and you can expect some really close (and I mean skin to skin rubbing) encounter with a lot of people so there’s really no for you to lug a huge purse around. Plus you’ll only need one that’s big enough to carry your cash, cards, cell phone and some beauty essentials like lip balm and blotting papers (maybe) anyway so a small sling purse should do it.

sling bag sling purse

  • A ponytail band – at some point you’re gonna feel so hot that you just want all of your hair out of your face, your neck and your nape. This is when a ponytail would come in handy. No matter how long you’ve spent doing the perfect curl or wave on your hair, you’re just not gonna care and you’ll want to just tie it up in a ponytail. Get those cute, colorful, no-kink ponytail bands that can double as some sort of wrist band when you’re not using it so it looks cute on your arm anyway.

ponytail bands ponytail

  • A watch – because you and your friends will possibly want to visit different booths at the same time, you’ll have to split up. Make sure you have a physical meeting spot (the beer garden entrance, the H&M booth, etc.) and meet at a specific time. Have your wristwatches synchronized so everything goes well.

watch accessory watch

These are just the ‘must haves’ for your Coachella accessories. You can always wear other accessories like jewelry but try not to wear / bring along the expensive ones as there’s a good chance that you’ll lose it while you’re in the rowdy crowd.