The Right Shades For Your Face Shape

We may be well onto the chilling days of fall and winter. Summer may have been to far away anymore but that doesn’t mean you can not get to use your sunglasses anymore. At the turn of the modern age, the functionality of the sunglasses has faded in comparison to its then new and rising appeal as a stylish and statement accessory.

Shades has become a constant piece of our outfit. Wearing them gives the impression of coolness and composure along with that touch of style. We all want that. But to achieve such thing from wearing glasses, you have to know which type of shades would look well on you and your face shape has a lot to do with this. Here’s a brief guide on finding the right sunglasses for your face shape.


There’s a plenty way for you to know what face shape you have. For one thing, you can compare certain celebrities who you think have the similar face shape as yours. A much more better way to determine your face shape is by doing it yourself. You can do this two ways. First, you can stand in front of a mirror with your hair pulled back neatly and trace the outline of your face. Stand back and see what shape you have.

You can also measure the proportionality of your face. This one’s a better way to determine your face shape. Measure the widest part of your cheeks and the length of your face through its center running from the bridge of your nose to the tip of your chin.

If the width and length are nearly or exactly the same, then you have a round face or square face. You’d know which you have depending on the definition of your jaw. It’s square if your jawline is angular while it’s round if you have softer features and your jawline tends to curve. If the length is approximately twice as long as the width, then you have an oval face. A narrow chin and wide forehead would mean that you have a heart-shaped face.


Square faces are known to have similar width for their forehead, jawline and their cheekbones. If this is your face shape, then you have the same with celebrities like Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone. Because you have a very defined jawline, you want to avoid angular glasses. Go for round glasses that will soften your features and balance out your angular face.

Emma Stone oval sunglasses Angelina Jolie aviators


Heart-shaped faces are characterized by the narrow jawline leading to a definite chin and a wider forehead. Some people with heart-shaped faces even have widow’s peak though the presence of widow’s peak doesn’t necessarily mean you have a heart-shaped face. Reese Witherspoon and Lucy Hale have similar face shape as yours. What you want to do is to make your jawline appear wider while minimizing the width of your forehead. Aviator glasses and oversized shades will work best for you.

Reese Witherspoon cateye glasses

Lucy Hale aviators


Round faces are just that. Your face is similar in length and width and you don’t have a well-defined jawline. Actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin and Selena Gomez have this face shape. If you have this face shape, you would want to make your face to look longer and slimmer. Give yourself the liberty to wear angular glasses and cateye shades. These will work well for you.

Selena Gomez rectangular sunglasses Ginnifer Goodwin cateye glasses Jennifer Lawrence angular sunglasses


Oval faces are said to be the most flexible face shape of all. Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Beyonce have this face shape. Notice that what you wanted to achieve with sunglasses in the previous face shapes are intended to create an illusion of a more oval-shaped face. But just because your face is oval doesn’t mean that you can just wear any sunglasses. You want shades that are proportioned well to your face shape and don’t go for an extremely oversized kind.

Jessica Alba round glasses Blake Lively angular glasses Beyonce wayfarer glasses