Trend Report: Accessories That You Want This Spring

Every season, we greet seasonal trends that are either very much familiar or new to all of us fashion-forward women. From bags, shoes, jewelries, and head pieces, it’s certainly hard to keep up with every fabulous accessory that every fashion designers from all parts of the world used in their shows all by yourself. And that is where we come in! We are here to gather and compile every trends of the season and put up a seasonal trend report.

Today, we’re compiling trendy spring accessories that you should not miss out this season! Believe me when I say that there is an accessory for everybody! Embellished bags, a different take on platform sandals, and ooh, did I mention tiaras? Scroll down below, and take your pick or two–or three!–on this spring’s trendy accessories that you want to add into your spring wardrobe.


Embellished bags

You would think that embellished bags is something that you would have as a five-year-old that you made with an embellisher but it is getting popular this season as many fashion designers use embellishments for adding sparks and glitters into their bags. There are embellishments that would suit the taste of minimalists and embellishments that are the maximalist’s wet dream.

white embellished bagred embellished bag

Wicker bags

I am honestly shocked that wicker bags have only joined the trend limelight this year. Wicker bags are incredibly chic and relaxed. You can use them for any casual or semi-casual events but I like to use them most on picnics, beaches and on cruises. They just add that carefree feel to whatever outfit you’ll incorporate them into.

wicker tote bag

wicker hand bag

Bright bags

If you are wearing outfits comprising neutral colors or muted colors, you can always add a little brightness into your attire just by using bright bags. They are also great to wear if you want something bright in your outfit but nothing too overwhelming that a neon top or bright bottoms could usually create.

bright red bagbright blue bag

Slouchy or Hobo bags

There is something great about holding a slouchy or hobo bag. Slouchy or hobo bags give out this element of mess in your outfit and people do say that nothing makes you look grounded more than a little mess.

slouchy handbagblack hobo bag


Lace Up

Once typically worn by ballerinas, lace up have now spread into sandals and flats. The effect that it creates will depend on how the lace up shoes is presented. If it’s in a simple and ready-made lace that is not redoable and permanent in the design, it gives a modern ladylike feel to it. If the lace is something that you have to do yourself, try it out in a kinda half-hearted tie around your ankles for a more casual look.

lace up sandals lace up shoes

Platform Sandals

This is a different form of platform in sandals as the sole of the sandals is parallel to the platform wedge. This makes an amazing modern and casual look that boosts your height without the strain and discomfort that you usually feel with stilettos.

black and white platform sandals black platform sandals

Transparent Heels

What I love about transparent shoes is that from afar, people would think that you are floating or levitating a few inches from the ground. It’s kinda magical, if you think about it that way. Also, transparent shoes is, like, the epitome of versatility. Being transparent, you can pair it up to just any outfit!

transparent heels clear sandals

Jewelries & Head pieces

Body chains

Body chains are certainly getting some sartorial attention this year. They’ve been around for quite a while but even I honestly have not ventured into that part of the fashion’s accessory corner. What I can say about this jewelry, though, is that it is quite perfect if you are wearing a basic or simple and casual everyday outfit.

body chain with pendant thin body chain

Statement earrings

Statement earrings had their fleeting moments here and there these past few seasons but I’ve got the feeling that we won’t just see them more frequently on the runway and the red carpet anymore. If you’re still hesitant on this trend, start out small with a bulky earrings and match ot up with a basic outfit.

statement earrings tassel earrings

Bejewelled Headbands and Tiaras

Like embellished bags, who would have thought that tiaras would cater to age groups beyond 5-year-olds, right? Those flower crowns have to watch out because I just got the feeling that tiaras will be the new festival head piece of this year.

tribal tiara jewelled headband


Allow me to take this moment to breathe in and say “I told you so!” I’ve been hoping on choker to come back and become a permanent part of the trends and it now is! There was a fleeting glances of the choker’s comeback to popularity last year but this year, it will be solidified and I’m so excited!

choker necklace and plunging necklinebulky choker and buttoned shirt