Trendy Back-To-School Fashion Accessories For Fall

Soon enough, the warm breeze in summer will wind down and the cold chills that comes with fall will eventually start to settle in. And you will have to get out of your carefree summer bubble of basking in sunshine and staying by the poolside because, students, you’re going back to school.

It’s a really sad thought to leave summer behind. When you have to move on from waking up late in the morning and spending a lazy afternoon by the pool because you’re going back to early 8 AM classes and homework-filled afternoons. But if you think positively there are also lots of things to look forward this fall. Meeting your friends again and building new friendships, new seasons of your favorite television shows, Christmas getting nearer and nearer, and hitting up the school’s runway/hallway with your best fall back-to-school outfits.

And those fashionable outfits that will leave the other girls dripping with envy will have to have the best and trendiest fall accessories with them. Or even if you’re just going for a simple outfit, the greatest accessories can amp-up what’s supposed to be an ordinary school attire. Here are some trendy back-to-school fashion accessories to grab for fall.


Beanies tend to give the wearer the impression that he/she is a hipster or anything punk or grungey. And if that’s your personal style, then go ahead. But for those who want to keep their heads warm and look adorably bright and bold for the coming dull-filled season, opt for brighter and bolder hues.

turquoise beanie

bright pink beanie


Whoever said that sunglasses are only for the warmer seasons? The sun is still around during fall and winter. Mirrored sunglasses are on trend this season and for fall, you’d want to pick one that has a colder tone like something bluish. Mirrored sunglasses can also lend you some helpful coverage for when you’re rushing out to your early morning classes and you have no time to do your makeup.

mirrored sunglasses

mirrored aviator sunglasses


For those of you who does not really find the personal appeal with bulky statement necklaces, then here’s a lighter trendy necklace for you. Layered necklace. Of course, you don’t have to necessarily buy a set of layered necklaces. Simply layer necklaces you have that are in different lengths. You don’t want any two that are similarly long. The appeal of layered necklace won’t show off that well.

layered necklace single pendant

layered necklace


Infinity scarves has been around during fall and winter seasons for some years now. And the great thing with this kind of scarf is how you don’t have to worry if the hanging part will get stuck on a nail or something. For plain-colored infinity scarves, you’d want to take note of the color of your top. It will look even nicer if the color of your scarf and top harmonizes well. Click here for some notes on color harmonization.

blush infinity scarf

bold red infinity scarf


They may only be just a long piece of ribbony string or leather, but belts can be the ultimate outfit-changer. Their most wonderful contribution to any outfit? Emphasizing your waistline.

leather belt

printed belt


Probably one thing you’d miss about going to school is to wear backpacks. Before, there are very few choices of backpacks. But now they’ve gotten cuter, chicer and definitely bolder. For you students out there, you can even amp-up your backpacks with simple materials such as laces and even sharpies. There are plenty of DIY that you can follow, too.

black backpack

lace backpack


When you’re going to a party or any event which requires bringing only a few of the vital things you need in a bag, a chic crossbody bag will do the trick. It’s not only functional but most crossbody purse are cute and stylish.

yellow crossbody bag

black crossbody bag


Say goodbye to that time-consuming problem of rummaging inside your bag to look for something. These cute pouches can store any of those small important things inside your purse–makeup, earphones, pencils, pens, and even sunglasses. There are many pouches available in any boutiques and there are even DIY tutorials you could look through Pinterest or even here.

printed pouch

cute printed pouch


Some of us need to bring books or notebooks. And sometimes, those can’t just fit inside our usual school bags. So here’s your solution: oversized totes. These are practically something you want to invest in. Especially to those who are going to college, you’d want two of these babies. One for school and a cotton one for shopping. It saves you from using plastic bags which, in turn, could help our environment.

animal print tote bag

leather tote bag


There are times when you don’t need those heavy armies on your arms to create a statement. One single cuff bracelet is all the statement you need. Gold ones are great for those with warmer skin tones while silver cuffs are great for colder skin tones.

gold cuffs on outfit

gold cuffs


These are the shoes that you’d want to invest in. A pair of platform oxford shoes are greatly functional and absolutely fashionable. Platform oxfords gives an uncanny style, boosts your height, and lets you walk the long corridors and hallways in ease and comfort. In fact, everyone, whether a student or not, should invest in a good pair.

oxford platforms

oxford platforms outfit