Advantages of Designer Purses

Designer inspired purses are a popular alternative to authentic designer purses today. Authentic purses can run approximately anywhere from two hundred dollars to three thousand dollars.

This can get pretty expensive for women especially if they want to have different colors and styles of purses for different occasions, such as work, leisure, or just every day.

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As one can see, this can add up to big bucks pretty fast. So, what’s the advantage to owning a replica? There are many reasons, some are, they look very similar to authentic, they are safer, they are much more affordable.

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Most designer inspired purses will run anywhere from $50 to $two hundred dollars. At these prices one can own (in some cases) ten! designer inspired purses for nearly the price of only one authentic designer purse.

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With that being said, the authentic purses are made a little better and will most likely last a little longer, but not ten times as long, which is what the price difference suggests.


And, most designer inspired purses are still made with genuine leather, canvas, brass or gold-plated hardware, tags, magnetic snaps and other features, so they are also pretty durable.

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Another advantage of owning a designer inspired purse is that if a woman is out in public at a large gathering such as a concert, football game, or the mall, she could be targeted for crime.

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Some criminals will profile their potential victims, seeing such items like Coach, D&G, LV, Prada, Gucci, Versace, or Chanel will make her a perfect target.

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So if anything does happen, unfortunately the contents inside may be lost,hopefully there is not too much cash, credit cards can always be replaced, and you won’t lose a thousand dollar or more purse.

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In conclusion, designer purses may last a little longer, but the durability does not outweigh the price. Designer inspired purses are made from good material, look almost identical,are also very durable, and come at a much more affordable price.

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With the slumping economy and a low job market, saving money is on everyone’s mind, and this definitely a great way to obtain a designer look at an affordable price. A noted benefit of making this particular purchase is the latest in trends that are offered from the top designers.

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Brands that are considered higher end are some of the most fashion forward within the industry which helps women feel confident that they are always carrying the latest options available.