Adventurous Clip Earrings for Women

Clip earrings are one of the funkiest earrings that you can get. However, if you desire more conventional earring styles, there’s a clip on earring just for you. Clip on earrings are very convenient to use because they can be easily anchored in the ears. Moreover, if you want several earrings, but would not dare getting additional ear piercings, clip earrings for women can give you the punk look.

If you are looking for fashionable clip on earrings, here are some designs that you may like:

These vintage star clip on earrings by Chanel are such pretty pieces on the ears. The design is very chic best for chic and funky clip on earrings.  Match it with a cute tank top and jeans and you are ready for that extraordinary casual look.

Vintage Chanel Blue Star Clip Earrings

If you want a punk look, this single clip earrings placed on the middle portion of the ear cartilage is a nice style. This loos like another ear piercing, but it is just a clip on earring placed perfectly.

Clip earring

Another punk clip earring design is this one. You can just hook it on your ear lobe for that instant earring style. Clip earrings

Clip earrings are very cool and stylish. These cool clip earrings are just lovely with their ribbon style. Clip on both ears for that simple, yet chic look. Cool clip earring

If you want more drama in your ears, you can also have this clip earrings with dangles. It perfectly accessorizes your ears with the unique design and dangle stone. Cool clip earrings

For formal events when you need to have glamours earrings, this Dolce & Gabbana Cameo clip earrings is very nice. It is a chandelier earrings anchored perfectly using clips best for women who don’t have ear piercings. Dolce & Gabbana - Cameo Clip Earrings

Another unique and cool clip earring style is this gun metal clip earrings. It is very elegant and can be used both for casual and formal outfits. Gun metal clip on earrings

For a more feminine feel, this pale blue vintage clip earrings is also a good choice for that vintage and stylish look. This clip earrings are one of my personal favorite because it combines pearls, vintage stones and gemstones perfectly. Pale Blue Clip Earrings

This polished gold tone clip earrings is another fabulous vintage inspired earrings best for a royal look. Polished Gold Tone Clip Earrings

To complete the list of pretty clip earrings for women, this clip or hook earrings is a good one for sexy outfits. Punk clip earringsSome women prefer clip earrings because they are very convenient, but make sure that they can be anchored perfectly so you wont think about having them fall out from your ears.