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Pleated pants :A fold formed by doubling the cloth and by stitching it in its place is called a pleat. It is mostly used to give a fuller and fluffy look or to make a garment fit comfortably.

pleated pants for women
pleated pants for women

The history of pleats dates back to Egypt and Greece when the privileged used to wear handmade pleated material for the sake of beauty and elegance.

How-To-Wear-Pleated-Pants for women
How-To-Wear-Pleated-Pants for women


Pleats in pants were traditionally worn by English men who used to wear pants with pleats faced inwards because external pleats were considered way to graceless. Pleats became more fashionable by 70s and 80s when baggy styled pants were in demand as these pants allowed the wearer comfortable movements.

 High waist pleated pantshigh waist pleated pants

A pant usually may contain lone or dual pleats in the front. The pleat near the zipper is bigger and one besides is shorter. These pleats are usually faced outwards. Double Pleated pants are designed for both casual and formal wear. Pleated denim pants are best fitted for casual wear like for parties and hangouts. Pleated dress pants are trendy with formal attire. When at job where much physical work is needed, these pleated pants could serve as a comfortable way of moving around.

High Waist Pleated skirt pant

 High Waist Pleated skirt pant

If you are someone with a huge, bulging tummy, opt for pleated pants as they will sync your belly with the lower part. If you have heavy thighs or are someone like a sportsmen, then again pleated pants could make you at ease. The selection of right color of pleated pants for the right occasion can also create a great difference. For example, a khaki colored pleated pant is best suited for casual wear.


There are multiple kinds of pleats which are:

  • Honeycomb pleats
  • Accordion pleats
  • Stiletto pleats
  • Limb pleats
  • Carton pleats
  • Plissé pleats
  • Fluted pleats
  • Rolled pleats
  • Watteau pleats


stylish pleated pants

Each and every pleat style is unique within it and looks graceful when applied to proper fabric and made perfectly. The trend of wearing pleated pants is also very common in women these days.

pleated pants and   heels with socks

Women pleated pants are mostly a part of formal wear like jobs or some official events. This style of pleated pants is popular with women because these pants provides unbound movements and are easy-going while sitting for a long while in a meeting or seminar. Also, they are a best option to wear at work when a woman is pregnant and has gained some weight as they would create a less noticeable effect around the belly.

pleated pants ideas

Cropped pleated pants

cropped pleated pants

Purple  pleated skirt pant

pleated skirt pant
pleated skirt pant