Artsy Flower Print Styles to Wear

If there’s one print that never goes out of style, I think you and I would both agree that it’s the flower print. Floral pieces like clothes, purses, accessories and other items have been around for such a long time that it’s become a warm weather staple in any woman’s wardrobe, be it for summer or spring. Flower print styles have been reinvented, reimaged, deconstructed and done in unconventional ways time and time again, each instance being better than before. What makes it never go out of style is the fact that it’s always brought up to date by genius artists and designers. Here are some artsy flower print style to watch out for and wear this season.

  • Delicate flower prints – you’re most likely to find delicate flower prints and patterns on lightweight (sometimes sheer) material / fabric. These flower prints don’t necessarily have to miniscule in size for them to be considered delicate. They can be delicate in the sense that they’re painted lightly, come in light colors or used with a soft background. The best way to wear delicate flower prints is on dresses that feature lady-like silhouettes and easy cuts that allow movement and flow and with light spring knits.

delicate florals delicate

  • Vibrant blooms – a great way to add a generous splash of color to any outfit while wear flower prints is to go for vibrant blossoms. Choose flower print clothes in the brightest and boldest colors you can get your hands on. it’s a sure fire way to liven up a plain look. The general rule to follow when going for vibrant blooms is: the brighter the better. Use this as an excuse to go crazy on your choice of color. And don’t be afraid to mix and match your florals with other prints, too. After all, the print on print trend is still as hot as ever.


bright florals

  • Dark blossoms – and if you think flower prints are all about bright, cheery, saccharine hues, you’re wrong. And you couldn’t be more wrong, in fact. Flower prints can also be worn dark. It’s the only way to go if you want a combination of being girly and edgy while rocking the print. It’s also a more mature take on wearing this simple pattern. ‘Dark blossoms’ don’t necessarily mean black-colored flowers, per se. Rather, it’s a variety of flower prints painted, printed or drawn on a dark background, creating a wonderful contrast.

dark florals dark

  • Mismatched florals – looking for a quirky and unique way to wear your flower prints? Well, going floral from head to foot surely sounds like a nice idea but why not go all out while you’re at it and sport not one but two (or more if you’re really bold) floral print designs. Mismatched anything seems to be the another rising trend so why not take it for a spin with your florals, eh?

mismatched mismatched florals

  • Watercolor flowers – lastly, if you want a more abstract and artsy kind of flower print to wear, choose pieces that feature watercolor flowers. These prints are often hand painted on the fabric and they effectively give you an overall look that’s exquisite, unique, imaginative and refined.

watercolor watercolor florals