Audacious Tassel Earrings

Dare to go bold with tassel earrings.

There is no need to burn lots of cash in order to be the most stunning belle in any social gathering. There are really times that we just need a little courage to put on an outstanding accessory that can make us stand out amidst all the girls in the party.

beautiful earrings

Explicitly, tassel earrings are beautiful earrings (I must admit). This piece is bold and audacious enough to be worn alone. This plainly means that you don’t need a necklace to complement with it. Isn’t it great news, ladies?

Tassel earrings as well as bamboo earrings never fail to give an instant boho look for a minimal and too common get up.

bamboo earrings


Now, are you ready to get bold with beaded tassel earrings?

If not, you are done at this juncture.

On the contrary, if you’re answer to that question is a big YES, you better go on reading.

beaded tassel earrings

Here is six- step scheme in making your own tassel and anchor earrings straight from your own  home. Wanna know how to do it?

Simply follow these steps below.

Step one: Wrap the rhinestone trim around the tassel top to be able to measure its exact length. Then, cut two pieces of the same size to make a pair. As much as possible, never overlap the two rhinestones trims.

Step two:   Apply glue on the surface of the tassels’ top where you’ll attach your rhinestone trim. Let the glue set for at least ten minutes prior to pasting your trim around them.

Step three: Gently press the rhinestone trim on the pasted top of every tassel. Hold it for a couple of seconds in order to ascertain that the trim will perfectly paste on the desired place.

Step four: Using the thread and needle, sew the two ends of the trim together with the tassel.

Step five: Attach an earring hook on every tassel by either folding it over or gluing them in.

Step six: Prepare a paper towel to give your tassel earring a sprinkle of hue or hues. This is a better way of making it more visually appealing and striking. Bolder I may say.

beaded ear rings

Color the bottom half of the beaded ear rings with a paint or just a black marker. This will definitely take minutes or even hours. However, never view this as work. It must be dealt as a way of having fun. Experiment with styles, designs and colors, folks!

anchor earrings

You don’t have any idea on how much fun you can gain from this bold fashion adventure.