Awesome Outfit Combinations for Spring

Your winter and spring outfits are so different in so many ways. First off (and very obviously enough), winter clothes as so much thicker and heavier compared to spring pieces which are lighter and cooler and also, winter clothes are almost always in deep, rich, warm and dark colors which is the complete opposite of spring clothes that are bright, fun, vivid and lively in color. With that being said, I hope you already have your spring wardrobe full of cute outfits but if not and you’re still on the hunt for cute spring clothes, check out these awesome outfit combinations for spring.

  • Crop top and pencil skirt – for the perfect outfit that combines the sexy and edgy look, pair a crop top with a nice, figure-hugging pencil skirt. It’s casual and chic and it’s also very girly and cute. Go with the all white trend for spring and rock this look like the hottest Hollywood celebs or do a more interesting and detailed look by opting for pieces that have trendy prints on them instead. Either way, this is one outfit combination that anyone can totally rock for spring.

croptop croptop and pencilskirt

  • Pastel colors and floral prints – for a sweet, flirty and girly look, mix solid pastel colored pieces with floral printed ones. This look is perfect if you want to look extra feminine and cute. Take the girly factor of this spring outfit combination up and notch by choosing pieces that are loose, flowy, drapey and just soft and feminine in general.

floral and pastel colors

floral and pastel

  • White on white – gone are the days when an all white outfit was reserved for labor day or for those fancy all white / black and white parties.  Going monochromatic with the color white is one of the biggest trends in fashion for spring this year and it’s also one of the easiest to follow. Keep your outfit interesting by wearing white in different fabrics to get varying texture. Lace, for example, can be paired with silk for a more luxurious look while cotton and mesh makes for a trendy combo.

white on white white

  • Chambray and tulle – chambray is the ultimate denim alternative for spring and summer. It’s lightweight and so much softer but it has the same casual look to it. For an outfit that’s casual and girly, this is the outfit combination to go with. If you’re brave and bold enough, you can pull off a Carrie Bradshaw and go all out with a fluffy tutu-ish kind of tulle skirt but if you want something simpler then a skirt with a simple tulle overlay should get the job done.

tulle and chambray tulle chambray

  • Floral prints and stripes – the print on print trend doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere soon so why not take advantage of it while it’s here? Floral prints and stripes are just two of the most popular prints for spring and summer and together, they make an awfully cute pair. To get your stripes more spring-friendly, choose bright stripe combos or use black and white but make sure you pick out a piece with a really vibrant floral print.

floral floral and stripes