Backless dresses – how to wear them?

Fashion tips on wearing a backless dresses

A backless dress is a great way to show your sexy side without revealing your cleavage or hiking up the sleeves to your hamstrings. But since a backless dress makes use of little fabric, there’s a big tendency that you can end up with a wardrobe malfunction. Here are tips on how you can rock a backless frock without worrying about your goodies showing up.

Prep your back.

Vanessa-Hudgens- sexy backless dress

Since you’re going to show much of your behind, you need to make it look stunning on the day you’re going to wear the backless dress. The best way to do so is to exfoliate your back. You can also even out your tan lines with a self-tanning lotion.

Choose the appropriate style for your curves.

Cheryl Ms Cole  backless dress

There are many backless dresses out there, but the question is, does it complement your shape? The best choice is to go for an A-line dress because it works well with every shape. If you want to look like a bombshell, pick a strappy yet sexy dress which is slinky from top to bottom.

Don’t show too much of your skin.

Hilary Swank - navy blue backless dress

A bareback dress shows enough, so you don’t have to pick a number which reveals your bountiful front as well. With fashion, too much of a good thing is vile. Look sexy yet classy with a boat neck backless attire.

Wear the right kind of brassiere.

Bra for backless dress:

strapless bras for backless dress

With a backless dress, you need to wear a certain type of bra. There are bras specially made for backless numbers, which is perfect for your look. If you’re somehow conservative, a bra with a transparent strap can work as well.

If wearing a bra is impossible for your dress, then you can wear a silicon cup that adheres to your bosom. Not only will it conceal nipple marks, it will keep your breasts perky without the bra.

Prior to wearing a bareback attire, go bra-less for a while as an ugly strap mark on the bra can ruin your look.

Complete the look with the perfect hairdo.

hairdo  and backless dress

Because baring your back is the main objective of a backless dress, then the best hairstyle for you to wear is one which keeps your tresses away from your back. A simple bun will keep your hair neatly in place, without obstructing the beautiful view of your back.

how-to-wear-backless dress.jpg

If you love keeping your hair down, you can do so, but you need to part your hair on one side on your front instead of your back. This sophisticated, low-maintenance style is great for women wearing bareback frocks.