Basic Accessories Every Woman Should Own

No outfit is complete until you’ve accessorized it. Accessories may not seem like much but wearing the right pieces with your outfit can surely make a difference. Everyone loves a good accessory. You can use these to liven up a plain and simple outfit or to complete one that’s on the dressier side. They need not be expensive, too. If you have a good eye for accessories, you know that you can pick up great finds even from the even just the Dollar Store. If you’re lucky enough to have the luxury to splurge on an accessory, though, I say go for it but be sure to splurge on one that you can use with most of your outfits. If you’re on a budget, though, you might want to invest in the staples. Check out these basic accessories every woman should own.

  • Sunglasses – sunglasses are not just for accessorizing, they help protect your eyes and the skin around your eye area, too. Having a pair of sunglasses on hand whenever you’re outdoors is very important, especially when you’re travelling. Choose a sunglass frame shape according to your face shape. Some sunglass styles look better on certain face shapes than others. if you’re not sure what style of sunglasses looks good on you, you can always turn to either aviator sunnies or anything oversized as these are the two that flatter most, if not all, face shapes.

cute oversized sunnies mirrored aviator glasses

  • A wristlet – you may not be able to fit much in it but on days when you just need to run a quick errand or don’t want to have to lug a huge purse around, a wristlet is sure to come in handy. When choosing a wristlet, try to look for one that will fit your essentials like your phone, keys, cards and some cash. It would be an added bonus if you could get one that has a miscellaneous compartment where you could fit your lip gloss or lipstick in or a few sheets of blotting paper.

cute tiny wristlet

white wristlet with fancy chain strap

  • Casual everyday purse – if there’s one accessory you should splurge on, it’s a casual everyday purse that will go well with most of your outfits. Having just one casual everyday purse to carry around makes your life so much easier. You don’t have to keep moving stuff from one purse to another and you don’t have to keep switching purses with every single outfit change. Try to get one in a neutral color so it’s sure to go well with anything and everything you have in your closet.

plain brown leather purse neutral celine tote

  • A cute phone case – your phone is something that I’m pretty sure you bring with you everywhere so why not glam it up a little since it’s pretty much an accessory anyway? There are lots of cute phone cases out there that you can buy. In fact, even popular fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and Michael Kors have started making and selling designer phone cases in stores and online. There are even stores and websites that allow you to personalize your phone case to match your style.

cute metallic phone case gold glitter phone case

  • Jewelry – jewelry for your everyday accessories don’t have to be expensive. Brands like Forever 21 have so many cute fancy fashion jewelry that you can sport with your everyday outfits. it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a few expensive ones, though, that you can use for more special events.

fancy gold and silver jewelry black and gold jewelry