Bathing Suits For Body Types

How to choose bathing suit  for your  body type? Check , what is your body type , first!

 There are a lot of different bathing suits for body types out there. Sometimes you just have to be smart in what you wear and how to wear it.

Thin shape body type

Push up bikini is good for thin body shape.

Well there are a lot of thin women out there and if that is you then here are a few bathing suit options for you. Most thin women have the curves to show, so a two piece may be something that you would like to wear since you are a little thinner than most. Now a one piece set may be good too if you do not want to go through the hassle. There are a lot of different ways you can incorporate a bathing suit.

Bathing suits for Square body type

If you are female that has a square shape body then you will find a few nice bathing suits for you to wear and rock all the way to the pool. Many wear one pieces that are designed in many different ways. For example you may like a one piece black spaghetti strapped bathing suit. In other fashions you may love the natural tank top shirt and short shorts look. There are even some long bathing suit types that you may find nice to wear. This means that you may want to incorporate a skirt or something along those lines to balance out your figure.

Bathing suits for Oval body  type

This shape is one that may do not incorporate very well and some just need a little help. With your oval shape body you should actually try suits that have built in wire bras and maybe a skirt to match. This will balance out your figure a lot so that you will not feel out of place or a little awkward. Having a square neck suit also balances out the figure and makes everything look a lot better and straightened out. Try these styles and see how you look in your summer suit.

 Bathing suits for Triangle or pear  body type

Now if you are looking for something nice to wear to the beach from this angle then you should try and find light colored and dark bottom bathing suits. There are a lot of different bathing suits for body types and with this one you will find that something lighter on top and darker on bottom will even out everything that you are wearing. Wear something slim and tight or a nice bathing suit dress.