Tips to Choosing Bathing Suits for Curvy Women

Just right before summer hits, ladies are on the rage for the perfect workout and diet for them just so they could fit in their swimsuits. These women aim to be supermodel skinny so that they could look good while wearing their swimsuits when they hit the beach. Wearing a bathing suit is not a special privilege available only to slim, skinny girls. Even curvy, plus-sized women can wear bathing suits and rock it. However, there may be certain things that you need to keep in mind if you’re a curvy gal and you’re shopping for bathing suits.

There are lots of bathing suits for curvy women, especially now that the clothing and fashion industry understands the need for such and tries to satisfy it. Great bathing suits for curvy women can be found even from popular brands that include H&M and Sorella. Another emerging swimsuit brand, Curvy Kate, has bathing suits designed especially for curvy and full figured ladies.

Plus sized women can also look sexy in a bathing suit

Sexy curvy women in bathing suit

Get a cover-up for your swimsuit if you want to be able to lounge around the beach and not show too much skin

animal print swimsuit

When choosing a bathing suit for curvy women, know which parts of your body you want to flaunt and which ones you want to hide. This means that you need to highlight your asset and conceal your flaws. So, to do this, look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Do you have great boobs with a nice cleavage? Or perhaps you have nice, smooth and shapely legs? Do you have love handles that will show when you sit or bend? Examining which parts you want to show and hide will help you in picking the style of bathing suit you’ll want to go with later on.

This 2-piece polka dot swimsuit looks great on full figured women

2 piece polka dot curvy women swimwear

This vintage swimsuit with a bandeau-like top and a ruched body does well in concealing flaws

vintage bathing suit for curvy girls

For swimsuit color, of course you know that black has the best slimming effect but don’t limit yourself to just black. Any dark color will give you a slimming effect so you can also go with navy blue, chocolate brown, dark plum, etc. You can also choose to go for printed swimsuits as long as the prints will give the illusion of a slimmer body. Stripes, floral and polka dot prints work well for these.

Dark colors can give the illusion of a slimmer body

2 piece high waist bathing suit for curvy women

Choose smaller prints to get the illusion of a slimmer body

plain vs printed swimwear for curvy women

If you have a large bust, the last thing you’ll want is your bathing suit revealing them so look for a swim suit that has offers great support. Tankinis are great because you’ll get the look of a swimsuit by getting the bikini bottom and support from the top which is designed like a regular tank top.

Get a tankini if you think you don’t feel comfortable in a regular bikini top

Curvy Kate Swimwear line

Get a swimsuit that offers great support if you have a large bust

If you have stretch marks on your legs and behind or if you just want to conceal your rear, you can opt to go for a skirtini or a shortini. These are basically just composed of a regular bikini top and the bottoms are shaped like boyleg shorts or have a piece of fabric attached to the bikini bottom that functions as a short skirt.

Skirtinis do well in covering a large rear

skirtini for plus sized women

Go for one-piece swimsuits if you have a large tummy. Also try to get swimsuits that have a tummy control panel feature to help it look flatter. If you must go for two-piece swimsuits, get those that are high-waisted so that your tummy doesn’t bulge.

A one-piece swimsuit is great for ladies who have a large tummy colorful swimsuit for curvy women

Go swimsuit shopping right after summer starts so that stores will have a large variety of swimsuit styles that you can choose from. Remember that the best way to rock your swimsuit is to be confident in it.