Beautiful Accessories Women Can’t Resist

Accessories are very important to women when dressing up. A single piece can make or break an outfit. Some accessories are simply for aesthetic value while some are fully functional as well. Most of the time, when men are clueless as to what to give their women as a gift on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, they tend to just go for accessories. And a wise move, it is! Women can never have too many accessories. Here are some of the most beautiful accessories a woman surely won’t say no to:

  • A necklace with a dainty little charm – it’s probably one of the most common choices but also one of the most loved. The dainty charm or pendant can be anything from an icon that represents something for you or for her to the letters of her initials to even precious stones like infinity necklaceinitials necklacev
  • Rose gold watch – if you want to give a woman a watch and you’re not sure whether to get her a silver or a gold one, go for rose gold instead. Rose gold is quickly becoming a favorite for women, not only for watches but for other accessories as well like necklaces and bracelets. It’s not too fancy and flashy like gold nor too casual and common like silver and is very feminine.rosegold mk summer watch
    rosegold studded mk watch
  • Charm bracelets – no matter what age, women will always love charm bracelets. To a man it may just be a piece of accessory one can do without but to a woman it is almost like a memoir. Charm bracelets let you add charms to mark and represent milestones and other special events which is very sentimental and that’s what most women like about it.juicy bridesmaids charm braceletcharm wrap bracelet
  • Stud earrings – no matter how experimental a woman is with her accessories, timeless classics are always appreciated. A simple stud earring will surely make any woman happysimple studs
  • Statement rings – for the bold, fashion forward woman, a statement ring is a must. These chunky rings that shout ‘fashion’ are sure to be appreciated by all those who like to dress up and stand out. For men, if you want to give your lady a ring but not necessarily for proposal purposes, statement rings should be a safe statement ringv
  • Sunglasses – any woman who loves to travel or love going to the beach will surely love a pair of cool sunglasses.  Not only do sunglasses make you look cool and chic, they protect your eyes from the sun as well. Sunglasses are also perfect if you need to do a quick errand  and do not want to put makeup sunniescute white sunnies