Beautiful Print Designs to Wear for Spring

Now that we’ve officially said goodbye to boring dark colors from fall and winter, we can finally enjoy brighter, more fun and more vibrant colors for spring. And what better way to wear various great hues than with gorgeous, beautiful prints, right? Print designs on clothes and accessories always give any item a kick. These details are minor but they can really make a big difference in your outfit. For spring, we can expect to see lots and lots of prints on the runways as well as on the streets. Check out these beautiful print designs to wear for spring.

  • Floral prints – floral printed pieces have always been in for spring. In fact, it’s one of the most popular prints we tend to wear around this time of year. Floral prints look fresh, dainty and feminine. It’s a great print design to wear if you want to feel extra girly on certain days. You can also use this print design to soften a rather strong and structured piece to make it more feminine. Floral prints come in different styles. Some are graphic and some are vintage inspired while others are more abstract and artistic.

flirty floral dress pretty floral blazer

  • Animal prints – the words ‘animal print’ used to refer only to print designs that resembled animal skin / fur patterns like cheetah prints, zebra prints, tiger prints and the like but today it can also refer to print designs made up of cute and quirky animal silhouettes. Animal skin prints are perfect if you want an outfit that looks fierce and sexy while animal silhouette prints are great if you just want something cute and unique on your clothes or accessories.

cute elephant print shorts

cropped animal print jacket

  • Stripes – stripes are perhaps the most ‘misunderstood’ among all the print designs. A lot of women try to stay away from striped pieces because of the common misconception that this print design will make them look bigger and wider but the truth is, you just have to know how to wear them and what to wear them with to make stripes flattering for your figure.

blue sriped midi skirt wide striped dress

  • Paisley – if you want something girly and unique like floral prints but want something more unique, why not give paisley prints a try? These prints are one of a kind. They’re super nicely detailed and intricate, fun and girly too! It’s a great alternative to when you get sick of or want to take a break from florals. Make sure to get paisley prints in fun and bright colors, though, because the dark and dull ones tend to look very boring and sometimes even a bit grandma-ish.

nice paisley top pastel paisley skirt

  • Tribal / Ethnic – Aztec prints have been around for quite some time now and if you love them then you’ll surely love all other tribal / ethnic prints as well. Tribal / ethnic prints are very colorful. The patterns on these print designs are also often very detailed and intricate. It’s a great kind of print to wear if you want to add lots of interesting details as well as a pop of color to your outfit.

beautiful tribal print dress gorgeous tribal print shorts