Beautiful Romantic Dresses to Wear on Special Days

When you are invited to a special event like a party for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or other events of the like, you always make sure to look your best and dress to the nines. No one wants to look like a slob in social gatherings, especially not a lady like you. A nice dress is an easy way to look fabulous for events like these. If you’re the type who always likes to express her feminine side, then romantic dresses are surely your thing. Below, we have some of the most beautiful romantic dresses that you can take inspiration from and wear on days when you need to look extra chic and super glam.

  • Baby doll dress – baby doll dresses are perfect if you’re looking for something you can wear to a daytime event that will make you look very dainty, feminine and chic. These types of dresses are especially ideal for summer and spring as most baby doll dresses are made of flowy and breathable fabric which will keep you cool and comfy. You can wear baby doll dresses with either flats or heels, depending on how casual or formal the event is.

baby doll dress baby doll

  • Romantic lace dresses – lace dresses certainly enjoyed the limelight in the fashion scene this year. Lace is such a delicate fabric that makes any piece look extra dainty and elegant. A lace dress id not exactly made with all lace. Instead, the lace is used as an overlay to give the dress a cute, girly effect. Some lace overlays are the same color as the dress underneath while some are in contrasting colors.

lace dress

lace dress outfit

  • Pleated chiffon dresses – if you’re looking for a style of dress that’s romantic but not too girly, you should definitely try out pleated chiffon dresses. These dresses are light and breezy and they’re flowy and romantic as well but the details are simple and not too intricate like that of a lace dress. You can get pleated chiffon dresses either both or short, depending on the event that you’ll be using it for. Some dresses only have the pleated chiffon in the lower half / skirt part of the dress but others also have the top part pleated to create volume for women who need it.

pleated chiffon dress pleasted chiffon dress

  • Sexy red cocktail dress – this dress, specifically, is perfect not just for parties but for dinner dates as well. The dress is very simple but it looks super sexy, flirty and romantic. You can wear this cocktail dress to parties and on special nights out with your man and he is sure to be stunned. The color is amazing, as well!

red red chiffon dress

  • Tulle dresses – tulle dresses are perfect if you’re aiming to channel your inner princess. You can wear tulle dresses to events where people wouldn’t mind you being all dressed up like wedding parties and such but if you’re a fierce and bold fashionista like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, we know you’ll want to wear your tulle dress all day, every day – party or no party. Tulle dresses have a special way of making you feel extra girly and romantic, too.

tulle dress tulle dress outfit