Best Coats for Fall

Coats are and should be a staple in every woman’s fall (and winter) closets. They’re perfect for when you don’t want to wear too many clothes when layering up because you can simply throw it on and take it off whenever you like. Because the temps can go so low during fall, bundling up and wearing warm clothes isn’t optional anymore but rather a must so you really have no choice but to make the most out of it and just do it in style. Here are some of the best coats for fall to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

  • Animal print coat – wearing an animal print coat on top of your everyday ordinary outfit is the easiest way to get a little bit more of that extra oomph. Animal print is a staple fall print design anyway, so why not get a coat in this design? Most animal prints come in a mix of neutral colors so they’re easy to mix and match but they’re not boring or dull. It’s also one of the easiest kind of print that you can wear with other print designs in case you want to do a print on print look.

animal print coat on denim outfit animal print coat animal print coat and striped shirt

  • Cape coat – capes are everything this fall and if you’re looking for something to add lots of volume, movement and drama to your look, this is definitely something you should have in your closet. Remember that when it comes to choosing cape coats, it’s go big or go home so don’t shy away from that overly oversized one.

gorgeous pink cape coat brown cape coat green and red patterned cape coat

  • Blanket coat – blanket coats or wrap coats are also another one of the best coats to go for this fall. The silhouette you get from these coats may be a little overwhelming at first but you’ll see how chic they are once you get used to it. The key to achieving a fabulous outfit with blanket coats is to keep a slim silhouette for the rest of your outfit so that you have a well-balanced look.

oversized blanket coat flowy blanket coat wrap coat outfit

  • Pastel colored coat – forget about dark hues for a while and bring back a little bit of spring and summer into your fall wardrobe by adding a pastel colored coat to it. Surprisingly, pastel made it to this year’s fall’s hottest trends and a pastel colored coat is the perfect way to brighten up the usual dark fall look.

soft grayish blue pastel coat pastel pink coat pastel blue coat

  • Fur coat – no chic fall wardrobe is complete without a good fur coat, we all know that. A fur coat is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit that needs a touch of elegance and class. Fur coats are also great for adding warmth to a dressy evening look.

lush fur coat fur coat outfit multi colored fur coat