Best Street Style Looks From London Fashion Week

The London Fashion Week (LFW) just wrapped up about a month ago. It may not be considered as one of the Big Three of the fashion events of the world–that which consists of New York, Paris and Milan. But it is still one of the biggest fashion events of the world. Stars and A-list celebrities from either side of the Atlantic is gathered around this time to see what United Kingdom has in store for us fashion fans.

And like any other fashion events, LFW certainly did not disappoint. Here are some of the best street style looks from London Fashion Week.


This classic color combination will definitely not go out of style for quite a while. There is a certain sleekness and polished look to any black and white outfit. For daytime, you might want to opt for incorporating billowy or fringed garments into your black and white outfit to lessen the sleekness to the ensemble and add a good amount of looseness.

black and white LFW | Aelida

black and white outfit LFW | Aelida


It is the start of fall, afterall. And layered clothes couldn’t get any better. Just remember one of the core rules to follow when layering your clothes in one outfit. Never forget to play with the height or length of your clothes.

tank top over dress LFW | Aelida

long cardigan and tunic LFW | Aelida


Overalls have definitely made its way to the list of vintage trends this year and it certainly had the spotlight. You could try and wear overalls in a dressy way, much like jumpsuit, by picking one made of silky material and layer an equally dressy top underneath. The top could be of silk or lace. The outfit will be a great thing to wear for a semi-formal setting. And if you opted for denim overalls and want to dress them up, you could pick out a dressy top  to wear underneath and good choices of accessories.

lace and burgundy overall LFW | Aelida

denim overall LFW | Aelida


Make those feminine flowing sundresses that are abundantly used during spring and summer wearable for fall and winter in an edgy ensemble by layering a punk-looking jacket over it. The jacket could be a simple leather moto jacket or a denim one with embellishments. For footwear, replace those girly pumps and sandals with shoes that have some edgy spunk to them. This could be leather booties or a belted strapped sandals like the one worn below.

leather jacket and dress LFW | Aelida

denim jacket and metallic dress LFW | Aelida


Here’s another outfit style that’s imminent iduring the London Fashion Week. Someone once said that to wear an all-black outfit is a courageous thing to do. And even to this day, when there are a bigger number of people who have tried this outfit idea compared to the previous decades, wearing an all-black outfit is still a brave feat. The key to nailing this outfit trend is to incorporate one black garment with texture. This will add to the outfit’s appeal and lessen its dullness.

all black outfit LFW | Aelida

black outfit LFW | Aelida


Speaking of a one-color outfit, going monochromatic is also something we’ve witnessed teeming during the LFW street scene. And the stylish street style muses there aren’t just settling for the ole black-and-white or brown monochromatic outfits. Try out plum or light pink in different shades. Just remember to add printed or patterned pieces and different fabrics to add to the overall texture to the outfit.

monochromatic outfit with plum LFW | Aelida

monochromatic outfit with pink LFW | Aelida


For those of you who don’t want to go “boring” by wearing one color. Go ahead and mix up the prints in your wardrobe. Just remember that your printed garments should have at least one common color.

mixed print outfit LFW | Aelida

animal print and plaid LFW | Aelida


Mod style of the ’60s? Disco outfits of the ’70s? Hey, it’s okay! You can wear them for this era. High-waisted pants and neck scarves tied preppily and in a classy seventies way around your throat or maybe even a mod-style polka dot dress and velvet knee-high boots. These are all deemed vintage and fashionable. And you have the choice to either add a little touch of modern or not.

high waisted pants and tied scarf LFW | Aelida

mod style outfit LFW | Aelida


As they always say, simplicity is beauty. And there are certainly those who’ve attended the London Fashion Week in simple and easy-to-wear outfits without the intention of showing off and grabbing attention but they still did so. It’s all about learning how to dress simple yet still look chic and fashionable. And basic clothes are ever present for this.

basic lace top and jeans LFW | Aelida

jumper and jeans LFW | Aelida