Black and White Dresses

The very main reason as to why women prefer wearing black and white dresses over other colors, it’s because it is easier to pull off and it’s a classic piece that will last forever.

Each season has their own statement colors and when that season ends, those colors will no longer be in the trend. But with Black and White dresses, you can wear them anytime of the year!

black and white dress

 What’s more, Black and white striped dresses are very slimming just as long a you know which pattern works well for your body type. Also, if you are heavier on the lower part of your body, the dark shade should be at the bottom.

stripe pattern black and white dress

When you buy a black and white dress, make sure you get one that flatters your body type. Not all black and white dresses work for everyone and it is pretty tricky wearing them.

long black and white dress

And since no other colors to help you out, it is always best that the black and white dress you are wearing is tailored and fits your body perfectly. Otherwise, you will end up looking dull.

black and white cocktail dress

Black and white cocktail dresses are one of the most sought after outfits whenever formal occasions like proms and homecomings call for it. They look classy and chic and teenage girls always opt for this style since it doesn’t look too “trashy”.

cute black and white dress

When deciding for the perfect prom dress, why not look into black and white dresses? Not only are they a classic style piece but when worn with confidence, you will surely stand out!

black and white prom dress For formal events like weddings, a black and white formal dress is also a good choice. You can always pair them up with stylish heels. Just don’t go overboard when matching colors as you might end up looking horrible.

black and white wedding dress

Formal events aren’t the only time you can wear black and white dresses, in fact they can be worn whenever you want hit the hottest night clubs in town.

chic black and white dress

So what are the accessories you can wear with a black and white dress? Take a little peek at the image below for some style inspiration.

black and white dress accessories

 As I’ve said, formal events aren’t the only occasions you can wear black and white dresses. In fact, you can wear them casually. The key is to look simple.

simple black and white dress

 Celebrities like Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and Debra Messing aren’t new to this type of style. At red carpet events, you can always spot them wearing black and white dresses. That’s because black and white dresses will forever be a timeless and effortless classic trend.

anne hathaway wearing black and white dress