Black Lace Dress – Fashion Tips

black-lace-dress-celebsA little black dress is a must-have possession for any girl. But if you’re tired of the usual styles, you could vamp up your look a little bit by opting for a black lace dress. It gives the right amount of sexy without being too revealing. You might go for an expensive black lace Perry Ellis dress, or with a cheaper alternative like that of Forever 21. No matter what the style is, it’s important to wear it with the right kind of shoe, clutch, jewelries, make-up, and most importantly, attitude! Here are some fashion tips for women who want to wear a black lace dress on a date or to a formal work event.

Choose a neutral-colored shoe. A beige, red or black pump, wedge sandals or stilettos are the perfect shoes for the black lace dress. Avoid choosing for a hi-bright shoe (yellow, neon green or fuchsia) as they could cheapen the look. Besides, too much attention will be given to your shoes rather than your over-all look.

black lace dresses

Pick a simple clutch or shoulder bag. Choose a silver, gold, white or red clutch – a traditional-colored purse. Avoid using a black one as this can camouflage with your dress. Again, stay away from anything neon-colored.

Accessorize with the right baubles. The black lace dress is a statement itself, so you don’t need to wear big dangling earrings or a flashy necklace. If your dress has a high neckline, you don’t need to wear a necklace. You can go with a simple stud earring and a statement bracelet.


black lace dress red carpet
black lace dress -red carpet

Go for a light, natural make-up. It’s a big no-no to wear a dark, metallic eye shadow, a super pink blush-on and a blood red lipstick with a black lace dress – unless you’re trying to achieve the “Morticia Adams” look. Apply a light-colored eye shadow and blush-on and go for a light pink lipstick for a natural yet stunning look.

how to wear black lace dress

Opt for a simple hairstyle. Again, if you go ga-ga with a ‘do that uses too much hairspray, you might end up like a gothic vampire. Wear your hair in a simple ponytail, or just let it down. You can curl your hair, put a simple barrette or wear a fancy headband. Don’t go over the top as the black lace dress should be the focal point of your get-up.

There you have it – the guidelines on what to wear with a black lace dress. For this garment, the bottom line is this: simple is always the best!