Bodycon dress.

Bodycon Dress – What Is It? 

 A body conscious or a bodycon dress is a dress style which is super tight or a bandage-like dress style.

jlo bodycon dress
jlo bodycon dress

This can come in a variety of forms such as pencil skirts which are skintight, dresses which hugs the figure, and even to high-waist jeans that elicits the form of the body.

Bandage bodycon dresses on celebs

Bandage bodycon Dress
Curvy celbs wears cute bodycon dresses


There is a lot of different bodycon dress that you can choosefrom.Thedesign ranges from many different styles, materials, and lines. This type of dress always aims to help you show of your best assets by molding and shaping your figure. It has become one of the most popular trends in the fashion industry. Though many designers include this type of dress in their collection it is still important that you deal with your body and love it as it is. Flaunt what assets you may have with these dresses and skirts and still aim for comfort.

short black bodycon dress

Bodycon Dress – How to Wear it?

Wearing a tight dress that hugs your figure such as a bodycon dress may give you a thought of a major fashion disaster but think the other way around. These types of dresses will flaunt your figure and assets. One of the best ways to wear body tight dresses is to proportion it with a loose top or bottom. Make sure that you create balance when you wear a bodycon dress. Also, choose a focal point wisely. It is not always good to always flaunt your legs or bottom. Do a variation of focus on you assets or body parts. Make sure that you do not show everything. In deciding in what color to use, it is advisable to choose dark colors if you are still shy with the idea of showing your shape. Lastly, make sure that you pair you body-con dress properly; with the right top or bottom or accessories. Remember, the key here is balance.

Many celebs love bodycon  bondage style dresses !

bodycon bondage  style dresses

Miranda Kerr wearing   beautiful bodycon dress from Victoria Secret’s collection!

Miranda Kerr wearing red bodycon dress

Wear Short bodycon dress to the party ,  and knee lenght dress can  be perfect  and classy choice   as  everyday wear, very feminine and elegant.

Lindsay Lohan and  Victoria Beckham wears  multicolored  bondage dress from Herve Leger 

herve leger lindsay hayden victoria beckham bondage dress

Bodycon Dress – Where Did It All Started?

Leroux first executed the bodycon dress short for body conscious dress or the bandage dress. The materials used were closely related to foundation garments which were used to create dresses that will mold the figure of the wearer of the dress.

celebs wearing bodycon

The signatureof the bodycon dress was the strips which were bandage-like. These types of dresses can be worn everyday or in any given occasion. It is important that you wear it with its appropriate piece. This could be done by wearing a bandage skirt paired with a swingy top or a loose tank top. If you are still hesitant to flaunt that asset, you may choose dark colors to not add too much attention to it. It is also best to accessorize with a scarf, a bold neck piece or a vest. A good pair of shoes can also help in doing the trick; flats and boots can be great for classes or offices. 

Katie piper bodycon dress
Katie piper bodycon dress