Bodycon skirt – Fashion ideas and tips

A bodycon skirt is really cute  and stylish, And with right shoes ,blouse and accessories, you will  easily get a chique and classy style, instead of typically boring school teacher look .

You can very easily combine a bodycon skirt with almost any shoes and top!
Hot Kim Kardashian outfit – lace top and  grey bodycon skirt
Kim Kardashian outfit -bodycon skirt
That’s what I really like about the bodycon skirt.Whether it be black , blue  or grey,  a knee length  skirt you can wear with a loose blouse, or with a jacket to the office, A short bodycon skirt can be perfect outfit for any party.
pink  mini bodycon skirt


Bodycon skirt is great for work and for leisure wear, as well for casual daily wear.During the daytime, You can team up your skirt with any sweater, Or if you are going to go out in the evening,  just wear a tight top    instead.
Banadage skirt from Herve Leger
Rihanna bandage skirt from herve leger
Lauren Conrad wears electric blue bandage bodycon skirt with leather jacket , loose top and  heels
Lauren Conrad   outfit  blue bandage skirt
For everyday wear you can combine a bodycon skirt with any top or t shirt, try to avoid too long a top or sweater, the skirt should be always longer.
cute bandage bodycon skirt


A Bodycon skirt can be your ideal skirt and flatter your body shape, thats why I think bodycon skirt is ‘’the must have’’ in any wardrobe.
crochet mini bodycon skirt
How to wear bodycon skirt?
A Bodycon skirt will flatter  any shape of body , from pear to apple shaped. If your body shape is apple , you have to be careful with choosing a  top for  your legs appearing  not too lean.If you wish your legs appear longer you just have to wear a high heels.
 Katy Perry outfit  – hot pink bodycon skirt and corset top
Katy Perry outfit
Another great way to make your legs look longer is to  get a high waisted pensil skirt and to find a cute waistband,then wrap it around your waist, in that way a high waisted pensil skirt  will give you a classier and more sophisticated look.
 Black skirt has a slimming effect and easy to wear

how to wear black bodycon skirt

You can look very slender and lean by choosing top in a similar color  and don’t forget high heels to make your legs look longer.It can be great to add a bit of  juicy color by wearing accessories: purse, scarf  or a tiny belt.
striped bodycon skirt

 If you are not happy about your tummy , and want to hide it , just wear loose blouse  and dark colored bodycon skirt, you will immediately give your self a slimmer look.

Short jacket with bodycon skirt for colder weather or for  evening time

Wearing bodycon skirt with belt.
Wearing a bodycon skirt without any belt can create a more relaxed and cool look.        But wearing a belt can be the right idea if you matching the bodycon skirt with a loose blouse or top. A belt will define your waist  and hips and make you look trendy.
Remember, the higher you place the belt, the longer and leaner your legs will look.