Bust Enhancing Tips for a Sexier Look

Flat chested? Some people see not having a big bust as a blessing while others think of it as a curse and, to be honest, it can be both, depending on the clothes that you’re wearing. While it’s always easier to slip into clothes when you have [almost] nothing getting in the way, some outfits just look so much better when you have a bit of boobage going on. If you’re skinny, chances are that you aren’t so ‘well endowed’ up front so getting that sexy vixen look takes a bit of work to achieve. For all the flat chested ladies out there who are looking for ways to ‘amp up the volume’, check out these bust enhancing tips for a sexier look.

  • Tape them together – it sounds weird but it’s actually one of the most popular styling secrets used on models and celebs when they wear something that needs a bit of boobage. Push your breasts together until you get the cleavage you want and then use surgical tape to ‘secure’ them in place. This trick wont only make your bust look bigger but will also let you skip on wearing bra when you’re wearing something more revealing.

bust lifting styling trick miranda kerr cleavage contour

  • Wear a push up bra – push up bras were made to give you better support for your girls but you can also wear one if you want to make your boobs look a bit bigger. A push up bra lifts your breasts and somewhat squeezes them in so they are more intact and they appear bigger. Make sure you wear a push up bra with the perfect fit. Anything too small / tight will have you looking like you have boobs spilling out from your bra while anything too big / loose won’t be able to hold up your bust to make them look full enough.

busty outfit push up bra

classy busty outfit

  • Use makeup – makeup isn’t just for the face anymore. You can use it to transform and enhance different parts of your body as well and that includes the bust. Use bronzer to shade the area between the breasts to create the illusion of cleavage or a deeper one and then dust foundation that’s a shade lighter on the tops of your breast to blend the look and make it seem more natural. You’ll want to skip wearing white when doing this trick as the makeup may rub off. For special events and occasions, you can have your breasts spray tanned by a professional to make them seem bigger.

contour bust enhancement contoured cleavage look

  • Draw attention to the bust – keep the rest of your outfit simple and reserve all the detailing and accessories for the area around the bust. Drawing attention to the bust makes it the focal point of your outfit, making it look bigger and fuller.

push up corset bust enhancing corset

  • Add volume – want to seem like you have a bigger bust without necessarily wearing something that would show them off? One easy way to fake fuller breasts is to add volume to the area. Wear tops with ruffles or any other kind of detailing on the bust part that would add some volume to it. Sporting big prints can also help make your boobs look bigger. Wear tops with lighter colors placed strategically on and around the bust area to make them appear bigger, too.

ruffled corset top sexy white outfit