Carrying Vintage Handbags in the Modern Times

When it comes to vintage handbags, it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily wearing something old. These handbags nowadays have designs that are inspired by the handbags of women decades ago. They say that one style really never disappears, it just goes back. That is one good thing about vintage handbags. There are brands nowadays that have a line that is especially making vintage designer bags. Women mostly like these bags because it makes them look more sophisticated. Here are some outfits that you can wear with vintage purses and handbags.

retro handbag

This bag is perfect for casual day outfits or you can even have it as a bag to use when you are going to your work.


Antique Cow Leather Bag


This sleek navy blue bag is perfectly matched with a printed outfit. A bag like this with a simple design will not overwhelm the whole look.

Black Navy Vintage Bag


The chain straps of the Chanel bags are only a comeback, since the design first cam decades ago. Nevertheless, it is a fashionable piece of item that your closet should have.

Classic Chain Vintage Bag


Small vintage style handbags such as this is perfect for an outfit that you are going to use on a date or if you are going to the movies. The hat also perfectly matches the color of the bag. Tone down the modernity of the dress with vintage-like accessories to create a good effect.

Navy Vintage Handbag


When you really need a large bag to go out of town or when you just need it, this retro bag can be of use to you. It is fashionable and at the same time efficient.

Retro Vintage Large Handbag


One of the most gorgeous and useful bags years ago is this leather bag. It is meant to be a bag that you can use to store files and papers. But right now, it can be a part of a fashionable outfit.

Vintage Leather Handbag


This fashionable bag perfectly contrasts dark items. It will match preppy outfits such as the clothes on the picture.

White Large Vintage Bag


Celebrities also appreciate the classic beauty of vintage handbags. Here are some of them matching their bags with the appropriate outfits.

A small messenger bag such as this has a versatile color that will match almost any color. It can neutralize a colorful outfit such as the one worn by the Japanese actress.

Japanese Celebrity Vintage Handbag


Mischa Barton looks very feminine with her outfit. When you are wearing a girly dress, it does not necessarily mean that you have to carry a handbag or a purse. This body bag is good enough.

Mischa Barton Vintage Bag


Taylor swift matches her sexy modern outfit at an event with an elegant vintage clutch. No more extra accessory is needed because the dress is already overwhelming enough.

Taylor Swift Vintage Clutch


If you cannot find these vintage handbags for sale on mall, there are also vintage handbags online. The products you can purchase there are cheaper. But you also have to pay attention to its quality. Vintage handbags are a form of investment when it comes to fashion because it will never go out of style.