Casual Ways to Wear a Full Skirt

Full skirts seem like a dressy item to wear with casual pieces but it can definitely be done. With the right pieces and little bit of styling, you can turn a full skirt, no matter what length, into a casual piece of clothing item. Full skirts are definitely one of the things that a lot of women are currently obsessed with but not a lot of women think they can pull it off without looking too elaborately and fancily garbed up. So, how do you make wearing full skirt look effortless but still chic? Check out these casual ways to wear a full skirt.

  • Full leather skirt – leather is such a sleek fabric that we all like to wear most of the time (as long as the weather and outdoor temps permit, that is) and if you’re looking for a way to add a bit of an edgy vibe to your outfit, wearing a full skirt made out of leather will definitely get the job done for you. Leather takes away from the full skirt’s dressy silhouette, making it look and feel more casual.

red leather skirt full skirt and sweater

  • With a simple plain tee – if you really want to dress down a full skirt, the easiest way to do so is to simply wear it with a regular, simple, plain tee. This works well with even the dressiest of all dressy full skirts, even the ones made out of really fancy material like satin or even tulle. Pairing a full skirt with a plain tee makes for a great casual outfit with a strong, feminine vibe.

full skirt and tee

plain gray shirt and full skirt

  • Printed full skirt – another way to make a full skirt look and feel more casual is to wear it printed. Oftentimes, it’s the plain solid colors on full skirt that make them look so formal and dressy. Prints and patterns on full skirts make them look more laidback and relaxed. In fact, prints and patterns on almost anything can make any piece look less dressy and more casual.

african print design pink floral full skirt

  • With graphic tees – think plain tees are a bore? We understand. Some women just like more details on their outfits and sometimes, we do too! If you like the casual look and feel of the full skirt and plain tee pairing but want something more exciting than just a simple shirt, then try wearing your full skirt with a graphic tee instead. The added design and detail on your shirt will surely brighten up your whole look, especially if your skirt is of a plain solid color as well.

graphic tee outfit casual outfit with tulle skirt

  • Bright colors – need a burst of color in your outfit? Wear full skirts in bright colors! Not only will the colors liven up your outfit and your whole look in general, it also gives your full skirt, which is rather dressy, a more casual look. Go for really bright, fun and vibrant colors on your skirt and pair it with more muted pieces to make sure you don’t go over the top.

bright yellow full skirt vibrant orange full skirt