Chic and Casual Ways to Wear Floral Pants

If you’re a big fashion junkie then you know floral pants are one of the best things about spring and summer. They’re cute, chic and super pretty and they look really nice even just on their own. Though some think floral pants are too girly and sweet, there are actually lots of other ways to style them to achieve less saccharine looks. Here are some of our favorite chic and casual ways to wear floral pants. Check them out and tell us how you would style your own pair of these gorgeous darlings.

  • Floral jeans – non-denim floral pants abound all year long but if you’re looking for a way to wear floral pants with a more casual feel, go for floral jeans. Yep, you read that right. Jeans aren’t just denims anymore. They come in millions (maybe that bit is exaggerated a little) of colors, prints and designs and we’re glad they do because it makes putting together outfits much more fun. Floral jeans and a simple tee makes for the easiest, simplest go-to outfit combo for lazy days.

jeans jeans outfit

  • With spring knits – want something comfy and stylish at the same time? Spring showers are coming, make sure you’re warm and cozy by wearing your floral pants with some comfy spring knits. Choose a plain, fluffy spring knit piece so you can go wild on the bottom and mild on the top for an extra fab look. You can choose a color that’s either cohesive or contrasting with the dominant color on your floral pants, too, just so everything looks well put together.

sweater outfit


  • High-waisted – crop tops are huge for spring and summer and high waited floral pants would look really cute with them for an outfit that you can wear to the beach or to lounge around by the pool. You can also wear an outfit like this on a hot day, just to keep your cool and keep you looking stylish, too! High waisted floral pants are great for the workplace, too! Just change the crop top to a shirt and a blazer and you’re sure to be the most stylish employee for casual Fridays!

high waist high waisted

  • With chambray – another way to wear floral pants with a very casual vibe is to pair it up with a nice chambray shirt. Chambray gives you the look of denim without the feel of it. it’s much softer and more comfortable than denim. One more thing that we love about wearing floral pants with a chambray shirt is that it can easily go from street casual to polished casual. Just button your chambray shirt up all the way to the top and you’ve got the perfect look to wear with a business casual vibe.

chambray shirt chambray

  • Pretty pastels – florals and pastel colors? Yes please! This is perhaps the sweetest and girliest you can get when it comes to wearing floral pants. No matter what the dominant color in your pants is, pastel colors will surely look fab on them, even if they’re dark hues. Plus, pastel colors are on trend for spring as well.

pastel outfit pastel