Chic and Elegant Ways to Wear Nude

In case you haven’t already heard, nude is the new black. That’s right. Nude is a very understated color. A lot of women get thrown off by it because they think it’s too plain, too simple, too boring or that it will wash them out. Nude, however, is such a classy and sophisticated color that, surprisingly, anyone and everyone can pull off. There are plenty of shades of nude, though, and looking for the perfect one to match and flatter your skin tone would be a great added bonus (especially for nude colored makeup). If you’re looking for tips on ways to wear nude – be it in makeup / beauty and fashion, read on below.

  • Nude lipstick – nude is my favorite go-to color for lipstick. It just goes so well with any look and is super easy to pull off as well. It’s minimalistic and is very chic. It’s also very versatile. You can wear it with a simple and classic look but you can also wear it with a more intense and dramatic overall makeup look. The key to not looking washed out when wearing nude lipstick is to get a color that’s closest to the natural color of your lips. Some women think nude lipsticks have to be beige-based lipsticks but that’s actually not true. Wearing nude lipstick simply means wearing a color closest to the color of your lips to sort of enhance the natural hue of your lips.

rosy nude lip nude lips fierce eyes

  • Nude on nude – for an outfit that’s tres chic, try wearing nude on nude. It may seem like a boring idea to wear nude from head to foot but trust me, it will give you a classy and elegant look. Make sure to pair pieces that have different textures to make the outfit exciting instead of boring. You can also wear different shades of nude to have some sort of color progression in your outfit.

casual nude on nude outfit

flattering nude on nude

  • With denim – if you think nude is too classy a color, you can definitely dress it down and make it look casual by pairing it with something easier and more laidback like denim. Denim is a spring and summer staple so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a way to work the nude color into your sprint and summer street style / casual wardrobe.

denim and nude street style denim and nude

  • Nude shoes – nude shoes are a petite girl’s best friend. If you’re looking for tips and tricks that you can do to make your legs look longer and just appear taller in general, find a pair of nude shoes that comes closest to your skin tone. Try to find one that has a pointy toe for maximum height boosting effect. Having a seamless look from the legs / feet to the shoe creates a continuous line that makes the legs look longer.

pointy nude shoes pointy nude shoes

  • Nudes and pastel colors – for a really cute, soft, girly and feminine look, you can wear nude colors along with pastel colors. This combination is especially perfect for this spring because pastel colors are one of the hottest trends of the season.

cute spring outfit elegant nude and blush pastel