Chic Heart Shaped Glasses

The innocence of childhood brings brighter colors and shapes to your eyes that one tends to lose over time as we age. The eyes of a child are full of wonder and amazement. Everything is beautiful. Everything is huge. Everything is new. All of the things around you are exciting and magical.

Heart Glasses are usually a big seller for Valentine’s day but nowadays It is very common to find heart glasses at novelty shops.

funky heart shpaed glasses

The actual vintage ones were made of horn! Genuine horn products and hold a much large value in dollars then the ones most people wear. The history of heart glasses goes a little something like this.


It was originally made in the 1960′s as part of a peace love type movement. It graduated into 1970′s culture with Disco styles in an anything goes type manner. The 1980′s came around and people wanted to reminisce of the 1960′s.

heart shaped sunglasses

In the 1990′s they became sort of a novelty costume idea. In today’s modern society they are being seen on the likes of Lindsay Lohan trying to be fab in a hotel room in LA!

chic heart shaped eye wear

We love heart-shaped sunglasses for summer. The trend is obviously nothing new, it’s been an iconic youthful-yet-sexy staple ever since it made a splash in the 1962 film version of Nabokov’s infamous novel “Lolita.”

heart shaped aviators

Heart-Shaped Glasses have had a serious resurgence this season. We spied them on no fewer than 5 A-listers including Lana Del Ray, Avril Lavigne, Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry and Ashley Tisdale.

Heart_shaped_glasses for women

Heart shaped sunglasses are cute and it will be fun to wear. Of course all children love to fashion with heart shaped sunglasses. Even elders too love these sunglasses because many will give retro and vintage look.

giant heart shaped glasses

Many like pink color of sunglasses but there are other colors red, blue, black, white, yellow these too will give beautiful appearance to children as well as adults.

cute heart shaped glasses

In party time you can present these sunglasses to every friend of you, they will have fun in wearing these glasses and love it your idea. These stylish and unique sunglasses will keep you looking cool on those warm and sunny days.

vintage cute heart shaped glasses

Fun and Funky Eyewear for the young at heart! They are glitzy and glamorous for a day or night of fun. Be the hit of the party or any special occasion with these hip and trendy styles.  Whether you are looking for a pair a shades for the next cool costume party or just want them for some great fun, these are definitely the glasses for you.

Moschino_heart glasses