Chic Ways to Wear a High Low Skirt

Last summer, high low skirts which are also called mullet skirts entered the fashion scene and made their way into the hearts and closets of many women. This year, high low skirts are still hot. In fact, they’re one of the hottest trends you can look forward to for the summer of 2014. If you’re looking for chic ways to wear a high low skirt, check out our styling tips below!

  • Wear it with a t-shirt – the simplest thing to wear with a high low skirt is a plain and simple t-shirt. It’s a no-frill and foolproof way to get in on the high low trend. The combination of a t-shirt and a high low skirt is simple but chic. It’s a great start for the conservative fashionistas, too. If you do choose to go simple by wearing a t-shirt with your high low skirt, make sure to choose pretty accessories to go with your outfit to keep it from looking boring.

belt shirt outfit

  • Wear it ruffled – most high low skirts out there feature a pretty simple silhouette. if your body type requires a bottom that adds volume to it to balance it out with your top, go for ruffled high low skirts. Ruffles are a great addition to high low skirts. They add volume to cater to your body type’s need while also making the piece look more feminine and cute. You can still wear a ruffled skirt if you want to achieve a more ladylike look while wearing a high low skirt even if you don’t really need the extra volume.


ruffled skirt

  • Wear it with a crop top – now, if you’re looking to create an outfit that leans more on the casual side, you can also pair your high low skirt with a crop top. Crop tops, just like high low skirts, are one of the hottest trends for summer so you can rest assured that combining the two will give you the perfect summer look that you can take to the streets. A crop top also lends your outfit a cool and edgy vibe so if you don’t feel like looking too girly but still want to rock a high low skirt, pairing it with a crop top is the best way to go.

crop top crop top outfit

  • Wear it layered – another way that you can wear a high low skirt with body and volume to make it flatter your body type is to go for a layered style. Simple layers should do the trick if you want something you can wear with your everyday outfits but big, bold and voluminous layers are best if you’re wearing a high low skirt with a dressier ensemble.

layered layered skirt

  • Wear it printed – looking for a way to make your outfit pop with a high low skirt? Why not opt for a printed one instead of that with plain and solid colors? A printed high low skirt is a great way to add detail to your outfit and make it more interesting.

printed skirt printed