Chic Ways to Wear Summer Stripes

Stripes are one of the most flattering prints you can wear but sadly, a lot of people have this common misconception about stripes making you look wider and bigger. If you know what kind of stripes to go for and where to wear them, stripes can definitely make you look very chic. Just like how florals are the must have prints for summer, stripes are one of the most popular prints women like to wear for summer (though there’s no denying that stripes look great all year round). If you’re starting to build your summer wardrobe, make sure you have a few striped pieces in there that you can wear for that natural, effortless summery chic look. Here are chic ways to wear summer stripes.

  • Classic striped shirt and jeans – striped shirts might as well just be considered closet staples for summer since they make really great classic go-to outfits for days when you need something quick and stylish. Wear your classic black and white or white and navy shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and slip on a comfy pair of flats to get that casual summer look. Swap the flats for heels or wedges and you’ve got your cool off duty look on.

classic stripes and jeans red stripes bf jeans

  • Stripes and chambray – another stylish summer outfit you can create with stripes is to wear a striped shirt underneath an open chambray for a cute and casual everyday summer look. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous with the stripe and chambray combo, you can do the opposite of the first look and wear your chambray underneath your striped shirt instead, creating a layered preppy look that’s perfect as a quick summer outfit for the workplace.

preppy summer stipes

summer stripes and chambray

  • Striped dresses – striped dresses are another must have for summer. They’re chic, they’re girly and they give you that instant summery vibe. Striped dresses are super versatile, too. You can wear it from day to night with ease and you can wear it with lots of other things from blazers to crop tops and other summer outerwear.

stripes and polka dots

  • Stripes and other prints – stripes are so easy to mix and match with other prints because they’re pretty much neutral and they’re very simple, too. Add the fierce factor into your look and wear your stripes with some bold animal print or bring back a little bit of spring by pairing your stripes with floral prints. Don’t be afraid to experiment with stripes and other prints because 99% of the time, you’ll end up with a fabulous print combo.

stripes and polka dots florals and stripes

  • Go for the nautical theme – if there’s any theme that would make stripes ever so handy, it would be the nautical outfit theme. White and navy stripes with red accents scream ‘nautical’ all the way so if you’re looking for a chic way to wear stripes this summer, definitely try doing a nautical themed outfit.

nautical stripes outfit summer sailor stripes

  • Stripes and brights – since most of the time you’ll find striped items in black and white, pairing your stripes with something bright will really make your outfit pop. Wear a fun and vibrant top with your striped skirt or throw on a really cute, bright cardigan on top of your striped shirt for an added element of fun in your summer outfit.

bright green skirt