Choosing the Highest Quality Garnet Earrings

Garnet earrings are captivating enough to entice the hearts of thousand women all over the world. It can be noticed that most of us share the notion that garnets are deep red colored stones. However, the notion that we had strongly believed for a very long time is proven to be a mere superstitious.

As a matter of fact, garnets come in variety of colors such as orange, yellow, pink, green, and violet.

antique garnet jewelry

Undeniably, this gem is precious and priced higher than expected. This might be due to the fact that this is a very significant gem that enables the travelers to have a safe journey.

This is not the lone role that garnets play in this modern time.

This stone (the same with the other known gems) is used to augment the elegance and charm of jewelries like rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

garnet earrings

In fact, you can see a wide array of 14k gold garnet earrings in all the jewelry shops within your locality.  This extremely huge collection of the world’s finest jewelry makes it tougher to select the highest quality one.

aquamarine earrings

In this regard, here are few relevant things that a buyer must know in order to arrive at the best pick for an amethyst earring.

14k gold garnet earrings

First, buy and shop with only the trusted jeweler. There are loads of jewelry businesses today that offer great deals and must- grab offers. However, not all of them keep an eye on honest business. Scams are rampant. So, be careful. Be clever. Be vigilant.

Second; once you’re done with your search through the internet and other source of media, get ready to knock different stores and scrutinize the product details well. Clear your minds with doubt through speaking with the jewelry shop’s sales associate. Ask whether or not the stone has been treated in any way.

Explicitly, irradiation, coating, heat treatment and dyeing are few of the most common treatments and processes that most gems (to be put in jewelries) possibly undergo.   These processes might or might not affect the quality of the stone. However; the point is, always ask to be able to know what you are purchasing. That’s the rule of the thumb.

antique garnet earrings

Third, be a meticulous buyer. Look closely at the clarity as well as the color of the stone before deciding to bring a penny out of your pocket for aquamarine earrings purchase. If you desire to buy a rare and extravagantly unique pair of earrings, opt for green evenly- colored antique garnet earrings.  This hue for a garnet is not just popular but one-of-a-kind.

Pink and red are also good choices.

Fourth, check for some noticeable flaws.

Fifth, weigh your options unmistakably. If you desire for large antique garnet jewelry, go for an over-sized garnet earrings. Thus, if you yearn for a simple design and unsurpassed “wearability”, opt for a smaller- sized pair of earrings.

If you want a dangling type that most Hollywood celebs use, grab it. Bear in mind that you hold the final say!

Select the one that strikes to you most.