Choosing ‘The One’ Amongst a Sea of Beach Wedding Dresses

Weddings are always a romantic event. Lots of women dream of having a beach wedding and it’s not really that hard to see why. Imagine yourself standing by the shore with the man of your dreams beside you, you’re exchanging vows and the soft crashing of the waves against the shore is your background music and the cool sea breeze embraces you oh so warmly. Romantic, right? Yes, and it will be such a beautiful memory to remember for the years to come, too.

However, planning for a beach wedding can be a little bit difficult and tedious. There are a lot of things to consider and lots of things in your wedding will have to revolve around the beach theme, especially your wedding dress. Now there are a lot of beach wedding dresses that you can choose from but how do you choose the perfect one for you? Here are some tips for you:

  • Choose light material– most beach weddings are, of course, held during the hot summer days. Because of the heat, it’s important that you choose a light fabric for your dress to keep you cool and comfortable. You don’t want to be sweating out your beautiful makeup throughout the ceremony now, do you? Popular choices for fabrics used in beach wedding dresses are voile, georgette, organza, chiffon, crepe, cotton organdy and cotton eyelet.

beach wedding dress wedding dress for the beach

lacey beach wedding dress

  • Go for a simple silhouette – doing your wedding at the beach means that at some point throughout the ceremony, you will have to deal with wind blowing rather strongly and a full skirt dress can get blown around which may cause a scene. To avoid this, go for simple silhouettes that hug your body just right.

short beach wedding dress simple beach wedding dress

  • Deciding on the length – short and casual wedding dresses are appropriate if you’re having your wedding at the beach, especially during summer. Tea length dresses are also a very good choice if you want something a little longer but not so much so that it touches the sand. You can also wear a full length wedding dress but this would be more appropriate if you have a carpet of some sort set up to walk on.

cute hilo beach wedding dress boho beach wedding dress

nice beach wedding dress

  • Avoid long trains – trains are always the icing to the cake when it comes to wedding dresses. They create such beautiful drama when the bride starts to walk down the aisle. However, if you’re doing a beach wedding, you might want to avoid having a long train for your gown as it will only drag sand with you and get dirty which will be very unsightly unless, again, you have a carpet to walk on.

gorgeous beach wedding dress lace beach wedding dress