Choosing the Right Hoop Earrings

The modernization as well as the drastic flourish of the many kinds of hoop earrings paves way to a wide array of beautiful sets of accessories to wear in all types of occasions.  Countless women all over the globe have been using these hoop earrings.

1 carat diamond earrings

As a result of this many varieties of hoop earrings, more and more women are perceived to experience some problems in choosing the best earring type, material and size to invest. In this regard, there is a paramount need to know the known varieties of hoop earrings as well as its individual distinct characteristics.

Explicitly, below are few of the latest and the trendiest types of earrings that will certainly captivate the uniqueness of women’s fashion sense and taste.

Antique 1 carat diamond earrings or those vintage- styles ones are stunning. This type is perceived to catch the attention of more contemporary and sophisticated women. With just a little research, you can seek for the best sets of antique earrings that originated from historical periods.

Deco jewelry, a popular design, belongs to this type.

Basically, vintage earrings have the ability to give every woman a sprinkle of uniqueness and elegance.

14k gold hoop earrings

Another known type of hoop earrings is the magnetic 14k gold  hoop earrings. This is a perfect choice for women who don’t have pierced ears. This has no exemption or discrimination. This can be worn by everybody who prefers not to have their ears pierced.


As long as it fit properly, nobody can notice that you don’t have pierced ears. The small magnets keep it in place very perfectly. Comfort is the biggest advantage that a magnetic hoop earring can take advantage with.

2 inch hoop diamond earrings


Small 2 inch diamond hoop earrings are a popular choice for most working women. Its passive appearance connotes professionalism and simplicity. This is also comfortable to wear to a long period of time. Moreover, it is the most wonderful choice for women who don’t desire to endure huge and heavy earrings.

3 hoop earrings

3 hoop earrings is another known type of earrings for women. This is more stylish than the previous hoop earring type. This bridges the simplicity in small earrings and the obscurity of larger hoop earrings (to be elaborated below). This is a highly elegant and appealing jewelry to put on during special evening parties.

The last type of hoop earrings is the large hoop ones. This fits young social butterflies in clubs and pubs. Nonetheless, it can be worn by older women who love attention from people around her. This style is large enough to be noticed.

This type is extremely fashionable and preferable for celebrities and Hollywood stars for awarding ceremonies and other star- studded events.

18k white gold hoop earrings

Generally, hoop earrings come in a wide variety. There are earrings with complex designs and cuts. However, there are also earrings that are made of expensive materials. There are cheap ones.

Finding a pair of hoop earrings to wear for a particular event is easy if you know what personality and or impression you want to make through your selection for an earring.