Classy Vintage Swimwear

The sun is shining out this summer so be sure not to miss going to the beach to have a sun-kissed skin and enjoy the cool water splash in your body. But before hitting the beach, use the best swimwear that can show your sexy body. There are a lot of swimwear styles to choose from one piece swimwear, two-piece bikinis and others. Well, one of the timeless pieces that you can get is a vintage swimwear.

Vintage is always beautiful as they say so whenever you are looking for a swimwear to hit the beach this summer,  you may get one of these retro swimwear that are classy and timeless.

retro  bikini

Vintage bathing suits became very popular during the 1950s. If you want a look of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, or Elizabeth Taylor on the beach, the following are the best retro bathing suits that you can get:

1. Covered-up Swimwear

retro swimwear

If you are one of those conservative women who want to hit the beach without exposing a lot of skin, this vintage swimwear may be best. During the 1930s, this style was the fad in bathing suits.

The swimwear in the 30s look like a short sundress dress today

Covered-up Vintage Swimwear

A photo of Grace Kelly wearing a Covered-up Swimwear with a sexy halter top

Grace Kelly in Vintage Swimwear

As years go by, covered-up or one piece swimwear becomes more revealing with these red vintage swimwear.

Red Vintage Swimwear

A Haltered Top Defines Vintage Swimwear during the 60s and 70s

One-piece swimwear

Polka dots and ruffles as main attractions for vintage swimwear

Retro Swimwear

2. Lace Swimwear

A lace swimwear is also very popular in the 50s and 60s. Lace swimwear is not as revealing as the two-piece swimsuits we have today, but they are classy and very sexy to look at.

A waist-high vintage bathing suit in lace fabric

Lace Vimtage Swimwear

Elizabeth Taylor in a Sexy and Classy Lace Swimwear

Elizabeth Taylor

Another classic beauty, Marilyn Monroe, wears a lace swimwear

Lace Swimwear

3. Classic Two-Piece Bikini

Before the two-piece bikinis became only a small piece of fabric that covers a little portion of a woman’s body, two-piece vintage bikinis were more conservative, yet still classy and sexy.

The third woman from the left wears a classic two-piece vintage swimwear.

Vintage Swimwear

Reinvent a classic two-piece swimwear with this vintage monokini

Retro Bathing Suit

Cute pin up style -Retro bikini and sexy makeup

retro bikini pin up

Hot retro bikini!

sexy retro bikini

Victoria Secrets retro swimsuit

victoria secrets retro swimsuit

Classic beauty is always beautiful no matter what the generation is. So you might as well use some of these vintage swimwear whether you want to be more covered when you hit the beach or just want to look timeless this summer.