Closet Revamp Tips for a Fresh, New Wardrobe

Did the Christmas season leave you with a pile of clothes your friends and family gave you as gifts? As pleasing as that may sound, you know all too well that this can be a problem when it comes to storage, especially when you have limited space. If you’re not doing anything for the rest of the year, how about doing a closet revamp? It’ll free you up a lot of space so you can make way for your new ones (and the ones you’re about to buy using all those gift cards you got). Here are some closet revamp tips for a fresh, new wardrobe to start your year with.

  • RETHINK YOUR STYLE – if, lately, you find that your own personal style isn’t cutting it for you anymore, it could be time to rethink it and tweak it a little bit. Change in style is normal, especially as you mature. Come up with a few outfits and figure out how you can tweak your style to suit you more.

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  • DO IT BY CATEGORY – in the past, I’ve always started my closet cleanup by dumping everything everywhere. I thought this would somehow ‘pressure’ me into finishing everything in one day but as it turns out, it only forced me to put back what I should’ve tossed at the end of the day. Instead of doing this, I find that cleaning out and revamping your closet by category is more effective. Start off with shirts, move on to jeans, then to dresses and so on. You can do this one category at a day, depending on how many clothes you have.

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  • KEEP, TOSS AND DONATE – these are three things people usually do with their clothes when they’re doing a closet revamp. Keep the clothes that you still wear. These should include the things you’re currently wearing, your staples for each season as well as your special occasion dresses and accessories. In the toss bin, put things that are damaged, old and never worn anymore. In the donate bin you’ll want to put clothes that are still wearable but no longer fit you or your style.

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  • DIY AND/OR SELL – now, if you’re on a rather tight budget, you can opt to sell your clothes instead. Swap meets and garage sales are the perfect venues to sell pre-loved clothing and accessories. You can also use those that you no longer wear as DIY material and turn them into something else.

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  • MAKE A LIST – now that you have your pile of clothes to keep, check out what’s missing and make a list. This will allow you to see what you really need.

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  • HAVE SOME FUN – the whole point of cleaning up your closet and doing a revamp is so you could have an updated and fresh new wardrobe so pick up a few things on trend that you can mix and match with what you already have. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe. You’ll see that a few new pieces mixed in with old ones can give you a new look without breaking the bank.

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