10 Outfit Ideas on Layering Shirts Under Dresses

The colder days that comes with autumn and winter will usually hinder us from wearing those sleeveless dresses that we have all been vying to wear. But then, along with the autumn and winter seasons, layering clothes has become a crazed seasonal trend that we all apply to our everyday outfits. And I don’t see why those sleeveless dresses that are so perfect for summer are not included in these layered outfit trend. We have actually seen some fashionistas adding these dresses into their fall wardrobe by layering a shirt under dress.

It’s all over the streets during the Milan Fashion Week. And we’re loving it. Here are some outfit ideas on layering shirts under dresses.

1. This shirt under dress outfit is simple and cute. It is like layering a tank top over a tank top. Your shirt is a sleeveless buttoned one and the dress is a scoop neck sleeveless kind. Perfect for summer and the occasional sunny weather during the fall and winter.

sleeveless shirt and shift dress

2. In this shirt under dress outfit, you have a white short-sleeved shirt under a dress that has spaghetti straps and made of leather.

white shirt and leather dress

3. There is a very Parisian chic feel to this particular shirt under dress outfit. The leather dress with wide belt layered with a crisp white buttoned up sleeveless shirt is, in itself, creates the magician’s assistant look. But add it with the brimmed hat and blazer with glittery accents and it’s absolutely magical.

leather strapless and sleeveless shirt

4. You can copy Olivia Palermo’s shirt under dress outfit pairing up a long-sleeved buttoned up shirt with a strapless floral dress for a formal event. That statement necklace underneath the shirt collar and the bangles by the cuff adds to the dressiness of this outfit.

Olivia Palermo strapless dress and shirt

5. You can also create that leotard look under the dress with a black shirt and opaque tights layered underneath. This particular shirt under dress outfit is perfectly holiday-ready. You might want to take note of this for Christmas.

turquoise dress and black shirt

6. Take your shirt under dress game to the next level by layering a turtleneck top under a strapless shirt and slip on a blazer over it. The tights are optional but it adds to that layered but not bulky look.

strapless dress and turtleneck

7. You can also play up a bit with the prints of the shirt under dress. Just remember the core rule for mixing prints: one common neutral color. This particular outfit is sporty chic especially with the white sneakers.

mix print shirt and dres

8. This is another way to take the shirt under dress bit to the next level. Layer up a shirt dress under a slim fitting dress. You’d want to be careful with the bumps that will be created underneath, though. Also, using two dresses of different sleeve-length will be great.

dress over dress

9. We’ve got two shirt under dress looks from the recently wrapped up Milan Fashion Week. Here, the lady took it to a minimum layering but still covered by wearing a turtleneck shirt under a maxi dress. She paired it with a pair of ankle boots, leaving only a few inch of legs skin exposed.

maxi dress MFW

10. This particular shirt under dress ensemble that’s also from Milan Fashion Week is similar to the one mentioned above. The difference here is that she also layered a pair of denim pants underneath the dress that covered her entire bottom half.

maxi dress and shirt MFW