11 Great Outfit Ideas On Wearing Fur Vest

With winter comes the more frequent use of thick garments. That is why fur vests has started to pop out in the streets, worn by a growing number of people as the weather becomes gloomy and the temperature continues to drop.

The fur vest is not only a functional garment this winter. It also instantly adds a touch of glamour and fashionable essence to any kind of outfit. Here are some awesome outfit ideas you can put together with fur vests.

  1. Add texture to your all black outfit with a black fur vest that will keep that elegant attire from looking too solid and boring.
    fur vest all black
  2. Put in a touch of femininity with your edgy camo shirt and ripped jeans ensemble by wearing a shiny fur vest.
    fur vest and camo shirt
  3. Dress up your basic outfit of buttoned down shirt, sweater and denim jeans by slipping on a fur vest. This outfit has three layers worth of warmth so to keep it from looking bulky, go for a not so thick kind of fur vest.
    fur vest basic outfit
  4. Are you going to attend an event that requires some ounce of haute couture? Wear this fur vest that also serves as a tunic top. Wear it with a pair of tailored trousers to balance the bulkiness of your top.
    fur vest coat
  5. If you think fur vest is only worn with pants, then you think wrong. You can wear fur vest over your dress and then you can tie a belt over it. It’s a girly dress outfit that is perfect for the colder seasons.
    fur vest and dress
  6. For those of you, ladies, who are planning on going for a Bohemian-inspired fall and winter look, fur vest is a great outerwear for a boho chic outfit. Pair it with a wide brim hat, one of the stylish hats you can wear for winter.
    fur vest boho chic
  7. You can also opt for an athleisure outfit with fur vest. Wear a comfortable dark sweater and dark jeans and slip on a pair of light colored sneakers.
    fur vest athleisure
  8. For when you are attending a formal event, a cropped fur vest is great for grabbing the attention at the event. Wear your cropped fur vest over a smooth and solid colored jumpsuit or a shift long gown.
    cropped fur vest and jumpsuit
  9. Do you think you are in the mood to be daring in your outfit? This fall and coming winter steal this eye grabbing ensemble by style muse Eva Chen that looks as if it is so hard to pull off—fur vest layered over a skin-tight long sleeved shirt and a fur skirt. The key to pulling this look off is to choose fur garments that aren’t that thick.
    fur vest and fur skirt
  10. For your date night this fall and coming winter, add a dosage of fuzziness to your date night outfit by donning a fur vest in pastel color or any other light colors.
    fur vest date night
  11. Get ready for the upcoming fall and winter parties that you will be going to—there will be a lot of those, I’m sure. Look fabulously club- or party-appropriate by layering a chic fur vest over your usual club outfits.
    fur vest club outfit