11 Modern Holiday Sweaters To Try Out Right Now

The holiday sweaters are given the pitiful bad reputation for being too lame. It is a widely known belief that holiday sweaters are one of the very few things related to holiday that are generally deemed lame. But, see, the old-world design and signature homey craftsmanship of our holiday sweater is influenced by the festive tradition as iconic as apple pie.

Who says that holiday sweaters can only be called so for its child-like knitted graphics? No one, right? So here, we give you 11 holiday sweaters and outfit ideas that has some unexpectedly modern and chic twist. Check them out below!

1. This is our typical holiday blazer. But what’s so different about this? Why is it so sleek? That is because the color of the sweater is dark blue and there is minimal striped knits on it. Layering it on top of a chambray shirt would give it a nice modern finish.

holiday sweater and shirt

2. This is a different kind of holiday sweater but it still has some similar child-like essence to it because of the print. The perfect pieces to match up for this are hues that are commonly deemed “for adults” like burgundy and cornflower blue. These colors are rich and deep and completely contrasts to the childish print of your holiday sweater.

cute patterned holiday sweater

3. You might also want to try out holiday sweater jackets like this one below. They are completely wearable outside, especially when worn with a simple pair of denim jeans. Let the sweater jacket do the talking and keep the incorporating pieces to basic.

holiday sweater jacket

4. This one is another typical holiday sweater. But as you can see, what you wear with the holiday sweater changes the entire outfit. If you choose a holiday sweater in bold and bright colors, like purple or any neon shades, incorporate into the outfit neutral pieces that will keep the entire attire together in a clean modern look.

bold holiday sweater

5. If you’re up for something casual, look for everyday graphic printed sweaters like the one below and keep your outfit casual and simple. It’s a different twist for the holiday sweater. Also, to make up for the lack of holiday feels to your chosen top and bottom, you can have knitted socks like what the girl wore that adds an ounce of holiday-ness to your ensemble.

graphic print holiday sweater

6. Go for a class yet simply casual look with a simple two-toned sweater like what the lady wore below. Incorporate sleek and well-structured accessories into it and you can even put lacy details to balance out the overwhelming sleekness. This creates a subtle statement of your outfit.

athleisure holiday sweater

7. For an adorable and cute look, you can choose a matching holiday sweater and pants. This looks very cute and creates an impeccable I-just-woke-up feel to it. If you do not have any matching sweater and pants, you can always find ways. My advice is to look for a a plain sweater and a pair of pants that is either too loose or too long for you. Ask your tailor to have it fit and sew the excess cloth onto your plain sweater. And there you go! Cute matching holiday sweater and pants.

matching holiday sweater

8. If you are going to an office holiday party or whatever else kind of holiday party, you can opt for textured sweaters to make an instant statement to any outfit you’ll have it with. My suggestion, though, is to keep the rest of your ensemble to simple pieces and neutral colors so as not to overwhelm your outfit too much.

textured holiday sweater

9. Of course, if you are not up for an outfit like the one above, you can always be assured to land on something with neon. Now this is a crucial detail you have to take note of when going for a neon holiday outfit: choose sweaters that is mixed with a certain neon colorĀ andĀ something dark. You don’t want to go for a plain neon colored sweater because that will be too bright. Besides, you will be wearing this sweater with a neon bottom that is a matching neon color.

holiday sweater for clubbing

10. You can go for an all-out modern twist with your holiday outfit by wearing a dress in an abstract holiday-ish print. It’s completely modern and chic and yet there is still elements of festiveness that you can detect in the outfit.

modern sweater dress

11. Last but not the least, have a go at chunky knitted sweaters. You would think that only your grandmothers can pull them off but if you pair it with a sleek and tailored bottom, it will be so age-appropriate for you. And it looks absolutely stylish, too!

chunky holiday sweater