11 Outfit Ideas with Leather Jacket This Winter

Ever since that one fashion-forward lady picked it up from the biker leaning against his huge motorcycle by the corner, leather jacket has been loved dearly by many a stylish ladies. And your trusty leather jacket will always shine all year round among other trending products, clothing, and styles of the season.

Here, I give you ladies, 11 outfit ideas with leather jacket that you can surely wear this season of pumpkin pies, Christmas songs, and hot cocoas.

1. Go all out with an unusually edgy look these winter holidays with an oversized leather jacket, which you could just snag from your boyfriend’s closet, and pair it with a pair of ripped jeans. To keep a feminine touch on your attire, opt for a structured bag as an accessory.

leather jacket edgy

2. It’s all white this season and that abundance of white should not stop you from donning the color. Go almost all-white with a white leather jacket, white knitted sweater, white bag, and white shoes like the outfit below.

white leather jacket and denim 3. Going for a taste of that sunny casual look that is ever-present during the summer? Bundle yourself up in brown, if possible camel shade, leather jacket and pair it up with other brown colored accessories. This shade of brown is often used during the summer so wearing them during winter will surely bring out some of those summery feel into your winter outfit.

brown leather jacket

4. Also, if you would rather dive yourself into fall colors more, you could also try out leather jackets in burgundy and other deep and rich colors such as dark meadow green and navy blue.

burgundy leather jacket

5. You don’t want to limit yourself to cropped jackets and those typical ones that fall right at your waist. There are leather jackets that fall below your hips that create this sophisticated silhouette to your outfit. It’s definitely perfect for a romantic date night with your beau.


leather coat

6. In the mood for some holiday throwback look? This vintage leather jacket will spice up your holidays with some nostalgic reminiscence of the previous decades.

wintage gold leather jacket

7. Add some bright colors to your usually muted holiday outfits in your winter wardrobe. There are so many choices of brightly colored leather jacket that you can wear. This cerulean leather jacket is only one of that many.

blue leather jacket

8. Create that perfect style combination of preppy and edgy by donning a plaid skirt along with your leather jacket. Pulling your back into a ponytail creates a clean finish to your look.

leather jacket and plaid skirt

9. Add some edginess into your winter athleisure attire. Slipping on your trusty leather jacket over your athleisure outfit will do just that.

leather jacket athleisure

10. Of course, it won’t be a leather jacket outfit idea article without the classic outfit where leather jacket is commonly incorporated into–all black outfit. The glossiness of leather creates a texture that disrupts the dullness of your all-black outfit.

leather jacket all black

11. Going somewhere fancy? When you hit it up on the streets going to the place and afterwards, you can slip on your trusty leather jacket for that dose of edginess into your outfit. This is perfect for very ladylike dresses in colors like blush and light blue as both individual pieces will contrast so deliciously with each other.

leather jacket and silk maxi skirt