11 Ways To Wear Turtleneck and Look Chic

Turtleneck tops and dresses are a massive wardrobe staple for the colder seasons, autumn and winter. And there’s no question about that. Turtlenecks are comfy and give you warmth in days when it’s just cold wherever you go. But often times, we find turtleneck tops and dresses to either be inappropriate for anything that’s not a house clothes outfit or it’s layered deep, deep underneath every single clothing you typically layer for the fall and winter.

But you can now wear turtlenecks in a chic and fashionable street style outfit for this coming season. Here’s 11 refresher ways to wear turtleneck and still look chic.

1. Never pass up the opportunity to channel Audrey Hepburn. Take a cropped snugly-fit turtleneck, a pair of tailored trousers and slip on your black leather loafers for this retro chic look.

cropped turtleneck and trousers | Aelida

2. For an instant chic and feminine ensemble, pair a well-fitted turtleneck sweater and a midi skirt.

black turtleneck and midi skirt | Aelida

3. Create a slightly conservative classy look with a turtleneck by layering it underneath a shift dress. I highly suggest a dress that does not cling too much on your body so as not look too swamped up.

turtleneck under shift dress | Aelida

4. Another way to use cropped turtleneck would be to pair it up with shorts and translucent tights. This gives off a cute street style look that will be perfect for petite ladies afraid to try on turtlenecks.

cropped turtleneck and shorts | Aelida

5. For those unusually warm days during autumn, go ahead and wear a sleeveless turtleneck top and pair it up with a breezy calf-length skirt. This outfit will do great for a typically warm Sunday Brunch.

sleeveless turtleneck | Aelida

6. If you want to look cozy and feel cozy, why don’t you try layering your turtleneck with a cable-knit sweater over it. This outfit is definitely cozy-looking and an easy relaxed look for fall.

cable knit sweater over striped turtleneck | Aelida

7. But there are times when you just don’t want to feel bulky in a layered outfit. For this, have a sleek layered attire with a sleeveless outerwear and a snug turtleneck sweater.

turtleneck sweater under sleeveless coat | Aelida

8. And speaking of sleek, you can also incorporate turtleneck into your fall business casual outfits by slipping it underneath a tailored blazer. My suggestion is to go monochromatic for the two for an added polished look.

turtleneck and blazer | Aelida

9. You can also add turtleneck into an outfit that’s not for work. A cropped sleeveless turtleneck matched with a pair of high-waisted trousers will create the perfect model off-duty look.

Karlie Kloss fitted turtleneck tank top | Aelida

10. Also, try out a throwback to the seventies with a mod-styled outfit with an oversized turtleneck and knee high boots.

oversized turtleneck jumper | Aelida

11. Whatever outfit combination you’ll have with turtleneck, it will be easily amped-up by slipping on an elegant necklace that will create a pseudo-neckline. A choker or pendant will serve well.

burgundy turtleneck and necklace | Aelida