12 Sophisticated Ways To Wear Cutoff Shorts

There is no better way to show off those gorgeous legs than with a pair of cutoff shorts. Cutoff shorts are the clothes of the summer season and when it’s hot outside. And there is no question about how casual and comfortable cutoff shorts are. It is also our go-to bottom item when we want to look relaxed yet have a little edgy element in our outfits. But the garment’s raggedness and overall casualness makes it seem inappropriate for an outfit that is sophisticated.

Well, ladies, that is about to change. You could incorporate those cutoffs in an outfit and still be able to look as posh and as sophisticated-looking as you want. Here are 12 sophisticated ways to wear cutoff shorts.

  1. Pair your cutoff shorts with a tailored top to offset the casualness of your cutoff shorts. It is preferable when you have a tunic-length top too.
    cutoff shorts and tailored white top
  2. Dress up those cutoff shorts by pairing it with a dressy silk blouse. To make the effect even more obvious, choose a denim cutoff shorts in a darker wash or even a dark non-denim cutoff one.
    cutoff shorts and silk blouse
  3. Slipping on a fancy pair of heels is in itself already a simple way of dressing up your cutoff shorts. But if you want a more sophisticated-looking outfit, go and add up tip #1 and wear something tailored on the top half of your outfit.
    cutoff shorts and heels
  4. Take your outfit to a more alluring direction by donning a top with a plunging neckline. This one’s wonderful when you’ll be having a girls’ night out.
    cutoff shorts and v-neck blouse
  5. Or… if you want to take the allure and sexy look to a higher level without loosing the classiness, try out a see-through top underneath a blazer of the same shade and arm yourself against the cold of the night with a sheer tights.
    cutoff shorts and see-through top
  6. Go for a sleek and polished look with a monochromatic all-white outfit. There’s a mutual effect with this one: the all-white color scheme dresses up your cutoff shorts while the ripped hem adds texture to your monochromatic outfit.
    cutoff shorts all white outfit
  7. Get in touch with your feminine side with a ruffled cropped blazer to pair with your cutoff shorts. Wear a chic footwear like a pair of leather mules as well.
    cutoff shorts and feminine cropped blazer
  8. Opt for an edgy and chic look by putting on a tailored blazer and leather ankle boots. I highly suggest the two to have matching colors and are in neutral like black or white for a more polished and sophisticated look.
    cutoff shorts and blazer and boots
  9. Take the direction of a relaxed and Parisian chic style by donning a camel trench coat over your typical striped shirt and cutoff shorts outfit combo.
    cutoff shorts and camel trench coat
  10. You could also achieve a preppy and sophisticated look with a line-pressed shirt that is buttoned up to the top and tucked into your cutoff shorts.
    cutoff shorts and buttoned-up shirt
  11. Sometimes, all you need to look sophisticated while wearing a pair of cutoff shorts is to accessorize with a structured and well-tailored bag or purse. The bag says a lot especially when incorporated with your classic basics.
    cutoff shorts and structured purse
  12. Get ready for the incoming fall and be unexpected by wearing those denim cutoff shorts in a supposedly all-black outfit. Go for a denim in a lighter wash to create emphasis on the contrasting elements.
    cutoff shorts denim in all-black outfit