13 Wrap Skirt/Dress Outfits You Will Want Now

Wrap skirts and dresses have certainly become big this year and the rise of the asymmetric clothes has a lot to do with it. The garments are really wonderful and versatile. Another great thing about wrap dresses and skirts is that they already have this innate character to them that make them statement clothes all on their own.

Here are 13 looks on wrap skirts and dresses that will make you want to have one on your wardrobe right now.


  1. Wear a simple wrap skirt with a plain t-shirt for a simple yet stylish everyday casual outfit. The outfit is so easy to do and very effortless in making you look fashionable.
    black wrap skirt and t-shirt | Aelida
  2. Alternatively, you can go for a dressier top instead of a t-shirt to dress your casual outfit up a notch. This one would actually look awesome for a relaxed spring/summer Sunday brunch.
    white wrap miniskirt | Aelida
  3. The slit that is ever-present in the wrap skirt actually makes the garment appropriate for spring and summer. But if you want to wear this item for the colder seasons of fall and winter, you can. Simply slip on a pair of tights or leggings underneath.
    white wrap skirt and tights | Aelida
  4. The pseudo-slit that the wrap skirt naturally creates actually gives a sharp look to whatever outfit you will incorporate it to. That’s why a well-tailored wrap skirt is also gorgeous for wearing in the office.
    black wrap skirt for office | Aelida
  5. Have a business meeting or any semi-formal event to go to? Take Victoria Beckham’s cue and wear a white midi wrap skirt and pair it with a silk blouse in a fancy color. I recommend jewel tones or any rich and deep shades since these colors are more fancy-looking.
    Victoria Beckham white wrap skirt | Aelida
  6. There is a certain amount of clubbing atmosphere that wrap skirts give off. And having your wrap skirts in metallic fabrics will just make the garment even more party-appropriate.
    metallic wrap skirt | Aelida


  1. Go for a billowy, flowing wrap dress that will look so fabulous when worn during Sunday Brunch or any daytime formal events.
    white sleeveless wrap dress | Aelida
  2. The great thing about wrap dress is that you can adjust its fitness to your body. But there are some wrap dresses that are already slim-fit and stretchable. If you want to show off your fit physique then don’t be afraid to slip on a wrap dress.
    office black wrap dress | Aelida
  3. For the office, you want a wrap dress that’s well-tailored and has simple cuts. Why don’t you try a wrap dress that’s sealed with buttons instead of attached tie like the one below. It’s definitely sleek and very much fitting for work.
    tailored wrap dress | Aelida
  4. Take the wrap dress to a classic route like the Duchess of Cambridge did. Go for a bold printed wrap dress that hugs you and falls gracefully on the right places.
    Kate Middleton printed wrap dress | Aelida
  5. And if you’re more on the Bohemian style, follow suit with Nicole Richie in this glamorous Bohemian-inspired maxi dress. And there’s a touch of boldness in it too with the plunging neckline.
    Nicole Richie v-neck wrap dress | Aelida
  6. We’ve been creative with denim recently. And you don’t just stop there. Try wearing a denim wrap dress, too.
    denim wrap dress | Aelida