15 Ways To Wear Your White Top Like a Fashion Pro

We have always relied quite heavily on our basic clothes. This is because there are so many outfits and different styles that we can cook up and incorporate them to. They are the very definition of sartorial versatility. And your white top is one of those trusty basic pieces.

The white top offers up itself like a blank canvas in some way. You add up something colorful and your style to your white top and it’ll become whatever you want it to be. Its difference with a blank canvas, though, is that the white top itself doesn’t morph and become one, as you may say, with the outfit. You can use your white top with a whole lot of other pieces in your wardrobe and it will certainly deliver.

Here are 15 amazing ways to wear your white top like a fashion pro.


1. Take up your white tee and pair it up with a pencil skirt for a simple and completely easygoing business casual look for when meeting up with someone to lunch or for basically an everyday look.

white tee and pencil skirt

2. Wear your white shirt with a tulle midi skirt and put up a gorgeous statement necklace of your choice. This is a good look for a Sunday brunch or any kind of event needing a comfortable semi-formal look. Top it off with an easy-to-make hairdo for the complete ladylike look.

white shirt and tulle

3. You can wear a long flowing skirt with your white tee for a romantic and everyday look to the beach or even when taking a cruise.

white shirt and flowing skirt

4. With a pair of printed shorts, you can create a great and edgy everyday look with your white tee. You can accessorize with edgy accessories like a spiked heels and bag.

white tee and printed shorts

5. With a graphic tee paired with a black leather jacket and ripped jeans, you can create a ragged androgynous look. To balance it all out, add a touch of femininity with a cute purse and heels.

graphic white tee and ripped jeans


6. Create a wonderful combination of casual and formal by wearing your trusty white shirt underneath a black overalls just like Emma Watson did below. Having worn a black overalls makes it more wearable to some semi-casual event compared to the denim kinds.

white shirt and overalls

7. Do an all out layering with your white buttoned shirt’s collar just peeking out of the neckline in a formal suit attire. Layer your white buttoned shirt underneath a glittery tank top and black blazer and pair it with a black tailored pants. This would be a great look for evening formal events. For an office look, you can simply change the tank top with a more office-appropriate one.

white shirt layered

8. Put that oversized white buttoned shirt of your beau to sartorial use by wearing it as an alternative mini dress and layer up a waist-length sweater over it. This is a very easy street style outfit that anyone could get away with.

oversized white shirt and weater


9.¬†Create an all white outfit and accessorize it with gold accessories for a simple yet elegant casual look. If you’re red haired like the girl below, this will be good to you as it will emphasize the brightness of your gorgeous hair color.

all white outfit

10. Dive in to a minimalist’s crowd by wearing a simple white top with solid black bottoms. This is totally sleek and would appeal to minimalist fashionistas. If you want a dash of color accessorize with a bag or heels that is not black or white.

white blouse minimalist

11. For this coming spring and summer, you can create an easy but fashionable look with a loose white top and a pair of floral pants.

loose white tee and pants

12. Blend together two different fabrics by putting out a neutralizing white top underneath. This way, those who are hesitant in fabric combining could feel more at ease with their look.

white top, leather and suede


13. Pair your simple white tank top with a silky or lacy black maxi skirt for a simple and easy to transition from day to evening look. Whether you’ll be attending a black tie or any night event or feeling in the mood to walk on the streets looking beautiful, this attire will definitely give you that elegance factor.

white tank top and maxi skirt

14. Wear a simple tank top with an edgy printed pencil skirt for a simple yet empowering outfit to wear at work.

white tank shirt and skirt

15. This one is a great ensemble for those with longer torsos than legs and for petite ladies. Insert your white tank top underneath a black slim pants and layer that outfit underneath a long vest coat to look more proportional and taller.

white tank top and long vest