18 Different Little Black Dresses for Every Age

It is the most simple yet also the most elegant outfit that one can conjure for a formal event. Dated back to decades and being worn by so many generations of stylish and fashion-forward women, the little black dress or LBD is the classiest classic outfit for any formal look.

It is called so for the often simple yet elegant design of the dress that gives the wearer classic grace through the gentle beauty of black. One of the most iconic little black dress in the history of fashion was worn by the style icon Audrey Hepburn in her portrayal as Holly Golightly in the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There are different kinds of little black dresses for different kinds of women. Here are some little black dresses for every woman in every age.

Little Black Dresses For Women in their 20s

This age range is when most of you will experience the highest peak of your body, aesthetic-wise and health-wise. You’re well on your way to be coming an adult but youthfulness is still very much evident. For this, you want flouncy and flowing little black dresses for casusl looks, fit ones that shows enough skin on evening, and polished ones for any formal eveht. Minimize accessories and let the little black dress of your choice speak for itself.

casual lbd 20s evening lbd 20s

formal lbd 20s

Little Black Dresses For Women in their 30s

The 30s is te high time for those ladies who wants to have kids. But that doesn’t mean your appeal is lost. In fact, many women glows best on their 30s. For women in this age range, you want to keep it simple and look alluring through fitted and tailored silhouettes instead of showing off skin.

casual lbd 30s

evening lbd 30sformal lbd 30s

Little Black Dresses For Women in their 40s

For women in their 40s, you want to look classy and sexy at the same time and you can achieve this by wearing sheath little black dresses with knee-length hemline and long sleeves or sleeveless and calf-length hemline. Of course, nothing is stopping you from pulling off a LBD with lacy accents and small detailings. Those are great for the evenings.

casual lbd 40s

evening lbd 40s

formal lbd 40s

Little Black Dresses For Women in their 50s

Being in your fifties as a woman could be at least a wee bit terrifying. But the thing is, you have two awesome choices on how to wear your little black dress age-appropriately. First, you can go for a simple maxi dress and create an elegant yet casually sloppy look which is perfect for casual outfits. Or you can try out on wearing simple silhouetted pieces with sexy tiny accents to look refreshing. It’s the best of both worlds!casual lbd 50s evening lbd 50s formal lbd 50s

Little Black Dresses For Women in their 60s

When you’re in your 60s, you’ve officially entered the boss level of classiness. It’s all simple yet fine clothing from here. I’d suggest opting for voluminous dresses as the volume will add flair and fluff to what would have been too dull.casual lbd 60s evening lbd 60s formal lbd 60s

Little Black Dresses For Women in their 70s and above

When 60s is the age range for classiness, 70s and beyond is the age range of the full-on glamour. Accessorizing with metallic accessories are the best way to pull this off.casual lbd 70s evening lbd 70s formal lbd 70s