5 Modern Ways to Wear Retro Florals

Floral prints are one of the well-known prints of the fashion world that has been around and loved for many generations already. However, there are some floral prints you can see these days that would give you a wave of nostalgia and an impression of being vintage and old. Retro floral prints are of muted shades and in the flowers are usually arranged in very simplistic patterns.

And even if they practically scream vintage, these retro florals can be worn in a modern outfit. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 modern ways to wear retro floral printed clothes.

#1: Wear Retro Floral Prints in A Simple, Timeless Garment

Sometimes, you don’t need too much. Just something simple to make a throwback floral print fit into the modern arrays of outfits of this decade. Oftentimes, garments in simple tailoring are much easier to incorporate to anything. Having retro floral prints in timeless and simple-tailored garments will lessen its retro-ness and make it absolutely wearable for this time.

retro floral dress simple retro floral top

#2: Tailor the Retro Floral Prints Fitted

This is one of those times that you would need to befriend a tailor. You can alter vintage clothes in retro florals, cutting a few bits here and adjusting the fit there, and turn them into simple yet modern looks. You can make an old-looking retro floral calf-length skirt into a peplum-hemmed mini skirt. Or maybe cinch what was then a loose duster coveralls to become a great modern jumpsuit.

retro floral jumpsuit

peplum retro floral skirt

#3: Wear it With Modern and Classic Pieces

If you can not do anything with how vintage your retro floral printed piece looks, maybe you can do something with what you will incorporate into your outfit with it. Surround your retro floral clothes with modern garments in sleek tailoring and glossy, sophisticated shades–very opposite from the usual muted colors of retro fashion.

retro floral dress and leather jacket retro floral scarf in modern outfit

#4: Learn to Determine Appropriate TPO

You cannot help if some retro floral prints are more costume-y than others. So you would have to adapt. Learn when will be the right time, place and occasion to wear a certain retro floral printed clothing so as not to look too overwhelming anywhere you may go. For instance, palazzo pants in bold and bright retro floral prints will be more suitable in nonformal night events.

retro floral wide leg pants retro floral pants

#5: Incorporate Retro Floral Prints to Throwback Styles that are Trendy Now

This is a tricky yet clever way of modernizing your retro floral prints. Styles of the previous decades are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, like Bohemian and grunge. Through throwback styles such as the two, you could pull off retro floral clothes in one throwback style and get away with it, looking all modern and contemporary. The key is to go for Bohemian-inspired or grunge or mod looks that have an essence of modernity in them.

retro floral bohemian retro floral grunge